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Katie Reick

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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Do you know me now? (Murder mystery)

The star is Nicola Smith. She is a strong driven reporter
in the state of California. She is investigating the story
on a notorious killer, who calls himself the Riddler.
He is now on a killing spree.
A terrible and horrific thing happens to her.
She is beaten, raped and has lost any warmth that she once had left
inside of her!
To add to her own misery…her only living family, her dad,
whom she is very close with…dies.
She feels everything is slipping away from her. To add to her
trauma in life, she is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. She struggles
with the option to keep or to abort her unborn child.
Another surprise occurs…her nephew, whom she never knew about,
is left motherless, but he finds his way to his aunt Nicola.
Nicola’s heart starts to open up, as she develops a bond with her
nephew. Now she has a reason for living, until heart break occurs once
again…The Riddler killer changes his routine, and captures the only person she
let into her heart, and trusted completely…her little ten year old nephew Austin.
She faces continuous obstacles that she never even imagined before…
and to save her only living relative…before he is…murdered by the
Riddler killer.

About the Author

I was born in Montreal and raised in S aint John, New Brunswick, then returned to my birthplace at age 34. I love the multicultural environment here in Montreal, different races and religions. A place where everyone is treated equally. I now reside in Ontario.

I've always had strong determination. I began to write as a hobby when I was 20 years old. I always strived to be the best, whether it was sports or work, which often lead me to success. I won most valuable p layer trophies in baseball which I excelled in and I climbed to a higher ground in the work force at my local newspaper company as a supervisor in charge of several at the Telegraph Journal - Evening Times Globe. My passion has been writing since my high school years. I simply wouldn't be fulfilled in life without using my imagination for my novels.

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Featured on CJAD Radio Montreal.
Featured as a Guest Host on and a Montreal Radio channel.
Featured on the Indian reserve MONTREAL online Radio
Featured in Times Globe Newspaper Saint John, New Brunswick.

Gail Harvey-film director-Terry Fox film- "I could not put the book down!"

Pete Townsmoney-Montreal Radio host-"Amazing", and "I loved it!"

Screenplay version

Sample pages



Katie A Reick



Blood literally squirts from the lifeless naked female body, as he plunges the long sharp blade with all of his might one last time. He wipes the blood from the knife across his pant leg revealing the initials R.K. He places a note on his bludgeoned victim’s body.


Cruizy woozy…I’m too smart,
you ain’t got a trace…not
even a small start.
The next to meet the hot god
under, will bake in the oven as
they roar louder than thunder…
Do you know me now?



They scan different areas of the dreary apartment.


Outside the victim’s apartment, the news reporter pushes her way through the crowd as the camera man follows.
She screams aloud.

Detective Grant
…Cruize Grant?

He searches for the obnoxious voice.


Sir…or Detective Grant…Detective
Cruize Grant…rumour has it sir…
the murder that took place in this
home is none other than the famous
and notorious Riddler killer, can
you please verify this for us, sir?

Ma’am, I’m sorry…I can’t answer that
question at this time.

He rushes away from the crowd.

My name is Nicola sir…Nicola
Smith and I will be in
contact with you sir!

Before entering his car with his back against her, he ignores her comment.

Tom…follow me!

Yesssss boss!

TOM retracts his reply in a more respectable tone.

I mean yes ma’am.

NICOLA centers herself in an opened area in front of the Victim’s home. She signals for Tom to roll the camera.

Hello everyone. I’m standing in
front of 20 Newman street, Hollywood
California. Today July 19,
a young female has been
murdered and no officers
are willing to give any information on
this subject…but we…the public
have the right to know if
the Riddler is…now…in our city.
After all…it’s his so called
special day. If you really
want answers, I propose that
all of you viewers get on the
phone to our local precinct, ask for
Detective Grant. He is the head
investigator on this case. Persuade
him to contact me for a live interview,
so we can all take certain precautions,
I’m signing off…KTV news.

Tom turns off the switch on the camera. He rushes toward Nicola, with his good looks, as well as his elegant charm, suddenly and surprisingly hip bumps her. She smiles. Oddly, she licks her thumb two times gesturing a thumb up motion.

You got guts baby…
he will have your head
on a silver platter!

He grins.

He might want to choke me,
but he’ll call within two hours…
just watch and see.

She is absolutely confident.


Nicola and Tom wait for the silent phone to ring. Suddenly the silence is broken.
She doesn’t want to seem too eager or desperate for the call, she lets the phone ring three more times.

Just answer the freaking phone…
wise alec!

Picking up the phone, her mannerisms change to professionalism.

Hello…this is Nicola Smith from KTV
News…Can I help you?

She listens to the other voice on the other end for a few more seconds…

…yes sir. That sounds good sir.

She lays the receiver down, without a smile, not wanting to give away the fact that it was the detective.

Well…it was him…wasn’t it?

She watches and enjoys Tom going delirious with anticipation.

Knew it…just knew it!


4:30am, Nicola tosses and turns on the sofa, having immense difficulty sleeping. Her alarm sounds off. She awakens.

She stands in front of the mirror, brushing her long auburn hair. Suddenly she is startled by the sound of a light tapping noise behind the shower curtain. Her heart begins to race with fear. Her hands tremble. Quickly she opens the curtain to discover an adorable fluffy white kitten is playing in the empty bathtub.

How the hell…where did you
come from, you cutie petudie?

Carrying the tiny kitten in the palm of her hand, she walks in the kitchen. She walks towards the refrigerator passing a bouquet of red roses as the centerpiece on the table. Opening the fridge door, she grabs the milk. She quickly whips her head around. Stunned, shocked, but most of all terrified. She could feel herself beginning to hyperventilate as she drops the kitten down on the floor. She places the milk back into the opened fridge. She tiptoes slowly toward the flowers to read the card which stood out.

Roses R Red
With all that’s been said,
You will always own my heart,
as you did from the start.

P.S. hope you love the pussycat!

Her trembling hand drops the card onto the floor. Quickly grabbing her purse she runs out the door.


Daylight hasn’t broken. She drives erratically at a high speed towards the News Station. She pulls into her driving spot. She searches in her unorganized purse for her Identification card to unlock the security locked door. She bends down to pick up some papers which has fallen from her purse. Suddenly a hand is placed on her shoulder. At this point she feels that her heart is literally going to pop out of her chest. She begins to scream, but a hand is placed over her mouth to prevent her from doing so. She is terrified. She turns to see TOM.

It’s ok.

He releases his hand from her mouth, putting his arm around her shoulder to comfort her.

What the hell are you
doing here anyways?

I ah…I have some work
to do.

Like what…you are a camera
man…how much extra work
can you possibly have, but
hold a camera?

Nicola realizes how insulting her comment is.

I’m soooo sorry, really…

Forget it!

They walk in different directions.


Tom sits in an empty room searching desperately on a computer for information. He looks up to see a shadow behind him. Quickly he deletes the information on the computer. A hand is placed on his shoulder but he is not alarmed, as he is one step ahead of Nicola.

Since when do cameramen use
computers in their job?

I’ve been sneaking in the office
for the last three weeks to
learn about the computer systems
here…if that’s ok with you…BOSS?

I came here because I wanted to
apologize to you Tom…that’s it!
What you do on your own time is
your business!

Fine! Forget about it…I have.

She walks away. Within an hour, the computer room begins to fill up with employees. Tom dissatisfied turns the computer off and walks away. Nicola hides out of sight behind three women gabbing. She is curious to what he was really doing on the computer. She tiptoes toward the computer to turn the computer on hoping some stuff would be on there. She is stunned at what she sees.

What the…

She whispers under her breath. One second after a stern voice is heard from behind her.

What are you doing Nicola?

I ah…I ah…oops.

She was embarrassed but also other feelings overcome her. Scared and confused were only a couple of things running through her mind.

What the hell are you doing?

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  • Do you know me now?