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Angie Hulme

Accrington, California, United Kingdom


Home page:

ICQ: 57571122

Born May 1983 in Lancashire, England. Residing for the moment in California.

Angie has been writing since Secondary School when her English teacher spotted a talent and encouraged her to do more and improve.

Angie writes about anything that comes to mind, in any form that fits, there has never been a challenge she could not meet. Poetry and Horror are her main pastimes, however articles and essays are regular.

She lives with her long-term partner in California but the rest of her family is in England where she hopes to return soon enough.

Her writing very often hits the reader hard, her natural bluntness coupled with the hard times she had to face when she came out to a close-minded community as homosexual, have led her to be very intolerant of thsoe who shout and scream.

She loves to discuss, even argue in a friendly way, with anyone who wishes to do so. Her opinions are many and usually very strong so it often makes for an interesting argument.

Interests: Horror, books, tv, British Comedy, philosophy, beliefs/non-beliefs, atheism, lesbian/gay, computers, games.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Disbelief
  • Virtually Real
  • Poetry

  • Bear And Bunny
  • Honest Secrets