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Entesar Saleh

kuwait, Kuwait


am entesar my fathe give me tht name it has a meening it meens victory .. my father choosed that name for me because i was born in a ntional day of our countries victory father was awriter and when i was young i used to wach him writing and i thought that he wasent thinking of what he was writing if some one invisible telling him what to write and he is just moving hhis hand on the paper..when i grew up and srart writing my self i discoverd that it is true..but this invesible person dosent come when we want but onlyy when he wants some people call him amood but i call him isperation

Interests: I think like most of people and specilly who works in this creative field would be interest in music and reading and waching movies..but am also interested in all the spiretiuall supjects and even astrology.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes