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Luis Miguel Ariza

Agent: Anne-Marie Valat
Villa de Marin 30
Madrid, Spain


I have been in the professional science journalist since 1989,writing in the leading
Spanish newspapers as a freelancer, in EL PAIS, ABC, LA VANGUARDIA. I am the
science editor at LA RAZON, a new newspaper that started in 1998 and that now is the
number five national Spanish newspaper.
I coordinated and wrote the Spanish TV Series 2.Mil, in 2000, a 13 chapters science TV
programme that peak an audience of 1,5 million that was broadcasted by the Public
Spanish Television (TVE), the leading on in Spain.
Since 1998, I have been writing mostly for Scientific American magazine in New York. I
also have some works at New Scientist magazine.
La Sombra del Chaman is my first thriller and fiction. It was published in sep, 5 2002 by
RandomHouseMondadori and Plaza/Janés, a branch editorial. Until now, it has fourth
editions, with an estimating sellings of 20.000 books. I think is a plot that can work very
well for the film industry, although the book is in Spanish. I am convinced that there is a
market in US and UK for this story, that has some ingredients from in The Medicine Man,
starred by Sean Connery and Lorraine Branco, or The Emerald Jungle, by John
Boorman. Nevertheless, "Chaman" has its own and original ingredients! Are you
interested in the book and work for British/American editorials or film producers/
companies? Do not hesitate to contact my agent, Anne Marie Valat, in Madrid

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • La Sombra del Chamán