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Glen Brock

Agent: need one? any suggestions?
1521 Cardinal Road
Jonesboro, Georgia, United States


I was in the book business from 1971-2001 and was very successfull in the lottery business.
During this time I became involved with local politics, meeting most of the political leaders of the area. I became involved with the Wayne Williams murder trial, having to testify in that notorious murder trial. I also testified in the Vanessa Williams Penthouse obscenity case, where I met Robert Gruckman and Lou Ferringher(I may have mispelled his name).

Being one of the few late night businesses, my store became a haven for policemen and thieves. I was involved in numerous confrontations with burglars, robbers, and crazies, having several shootouts, climaxing in a mexican standoff with an armed robber (I won). I also formed strong friendships with many policemen. In fact, my son is in law enforcement today, possibly from that relationship. In talking about the Williams case and other investigations of the time, I became familiar with police technique and complaints. This led to the first three books I sold to Holloway House. They are: INSIDE THE GREEN CIRCLE, SHACKTOWN, and TRUTHKILLERS. There was interest in these books for possible film developement by Burt Reynolds, Hal Needham, and Ed Spivia but unfortunatly nothing came of it.

I've been on radio and television, particularly in an interesting debate with Ron Sailor and Neil Boortz, both local media celebrities. I also had a long lasting friendship with Lee May, a columnist with the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.

During my thirty years in the book business I became friends with the entire Bond family. Julian Bond, his army of children, including Michael Bond (who like his father had a successfull politcal career), his uncle James Bond and their mother. The current mayor, the honorable Shirley Franklin, was a regular customer of mine.

In 1970 I sponsered the Deep South Science Fiction Convention (AGACON70) and helped begin The Southern Fandom Confederation (SFC). The PHONEX Award was partly my idea also.

During the late 60s I was very active in the science fiction community, contributing to fan press alliances (SFPA),attending conventions,etc.. During this time I had dinner with Robert Heinlein, Arthur Clarke, had a hamburger while talking to L.Sprague deCamp,argued with Don Wolheim, and interviewed Dan Galouye for my fan magazine, NEUTRON. During the Nebula Awards, in New Orleans, I met the writer Richard Meredith, while carrying R.A. Lafferty back to his hotel room, after he drank alittle too much. This resulted in a correspondence leading to his invitation to be the guest of honor at AGACON70.

I was present at the first ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, where I met Fay Wray, having her autograph a first edition of KING KONG.

Since my retirement from the book business I have had a heart attack, resulting in the loss of most of my vision. I am now concentrating on writing, hopefully having a few more novels in me still. I have two ms. ready for publication. THROWAWAY PEOPLE is another political/crime novel set in Atlanta. THE PORTRAIT OF HAROLD BRADLEY is a combination horror/caper novel, involving psychic paintings, murder, smuggling, hidden rooms, haunted theaters, and high speed chases. On top of everything else the main character died in 1962! I also have several other projects in various stages of developement, many short stories, and I enjoy the discussions on Writer's Web.

Interests: Book collecting, hunting, caving, ridge walking,politics and, earlier in my life conventioneering.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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