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hedi enghelberg

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Hedi Enghelberg (born August 14, 1957) is a Mechanical Engineer (ICB, University of Bucharest, 1982) and was granted an M.Sc ("Toar Sheni") by Israel's Department of Education in 1984. In 1986, Hedi Enghelberg moved to Venezuela and currently resides in South Florida. His father, Moises Enghelberg (1919-1985) was very active in the Rumanian Oil Industry and was the last president (1973-1983) of the Moinesti Jewish Community.

Career as an author

A prolific author of numerous published books, articles[1] and poetry, Hedi Enghelberg was born in Moineşti, Bacău County, Romania to a Jewish Romanian family, Moises and Draga. His mother, Draga (Dorina), was evacuated from her native Moinesti to the Bacau Jewish Ghetto during World War II, and was liberated and returned to Moinesti in the fall of 1944.

Hedi's first book, is a historical biography and a tribute to his father. Entitled Escape del Ultimo Tren de Auschwitz [2] the book provides a brief history of World War II, the concentration camps, the persecutions Moises endured as a Jewish prisoner in the Romanian and German forced labor camps during World War II (1941-1944),and his escape on August 23-24th, 1944 from the last train headed to Auschwitz for extermination, only to be returned by the Russians who had driven the Germans back at the end of the war, to the continued Jewish persecution in Romania throughout the Cold War under Ceaucescu's communist regime. after two attemps, Moises Enghelberg was finally able to immigrate to Israel and freedom in December 16th, 1983 and celebrated the only and last birthday he was ever to experience free from persecution as a Jew on August 8, 1984.

[edit] Books

[edit] Escape del Ultimo Tren de Auschwitz

Originally written in Spanish, is currently undergoing translation into English and other languages as are the rest of Hedi's books. The Spanish version is already included in collections of libraries and museums worldwide as reference material for students, researchers and scholars studying the Holocaust and Genocide. This historical biography is included in the U.S. Holocaust Museum's list of Biographies on the subject which is widely distributed in publications such as the Oxford Journal's ((Oxford University Press) Spring 2002 Edition "Recently Published Works in Holocaust and Genocide Studies" under the heading of Biography and Autobiography [3]

The book has received favorable reviews in Venezuela [4] , Barnes & Noble,,as well as in the Pompano Times [5] ISBN 980-07-5979-4

[edit] Ciberterrorismo (Cyber Terrorism)[6]

This book was one of the first white papers published on the topic of Cyberterrorism, a new weapon in the arsenal of global terrorists to be used for waging asymmetrical warfare. It was also one of the first resources available and used in works consulted and bibliographies in subsequent papers written about this new method of committing acts of terrorism through cyberspace (the internet) which we now know as cyberterrorism.[7] [8] [9][10]

“Ciberterrorismo/Infowars” based on over 13 public conferences held in both Venezuela and the U.S. (Barnes and Noble), at the time of its publication in Venezuela, was one out of only a handful of books worldwide, alerting the public, corporations, and state institutions and agencies about this new trend and dimension of war: the cyberspace (traditional air, ground, water). In principle the Cyber Terrorism is the continuation of terrorism by a new means and ways: cyberspace, networks, computers and Internet. This book "The Fight Againt Cyber Terrorism, Infowars & Cyberspace", is being translated into English | Second Edition 2008 | Updated and Revised by Hedi Enghelberg and Gail Tenzer. Cyberterrorism has emerged as the latest and most important threat to national security, so much so, that the U.S. Airforce has created an entire division to address the problem. ISBN 978-1-60585-121-1

[edit] The-H-Clone

Like Enghelberg's aforementioned books, deals with current events and issues of the day. Although the book is a fiction-based-on fact novel, the subject matter is fast becoming one of the most controversial issues of the day, human cloning.

Beginning and set in the last days of World War II and the Battle of Berlin, readers are introduced to cloning and a brief explanation of how it is performed. The setting is Hitler's bunker and Enghelberg postulates that Hitler's and Bormann's samples of hair, nails, skin and sperm were taken, preserved in cryo-containers and smuggled out of Berlin to Argentina right after Hitler supposedly committed suicide and was buried in the terrace of the Foreign Ministry building.

The story takes readers from Germany to London where Mossad agents are sent for the containers, board the Israeli submarine Dakar, which mysteriously sinks right off the coast of Haifa's port. Most personages, places and events throughout the book are factual and historical. Only a few characters such as Hanna, the Mossad agent sent to find and recover the Hitler's genetic material are fictitious. Readers are taken from Tel Aviv to Moscow and Argentina in this science-based spy thriller, but more importantly, they are introduced to the science of cloning and what it implies now and in the future.

The book is currently being revised and translated and will continually be updated as the technology of cloning progresses and as society adopts whatever changes it deems desirable or necessary in response to the moral and ethical questions and issues presented by the ability of cloning life. The book is in the process of being revised and translated into English and will be published in 2008. ISBN 978-1-60585-125-9.

[edit] Books published in Spanish

[edit] Codename: Capital

This book is a description of the two hours before the Yom Kippur War, 12M-02:00PM, on the Golan Heights, October 06th, 1973. Based on interview with a Heavy Tank Batallion Comander and historical archives. The book was fisrt published in Spanish, and sonn will be avaible in English. For the Spanish edition, the book was reviwed by Col.(Army-Ret) Gustavo Vivas-Diaz. ISBN 978-1-60585-122-8.

[edit] The Block 19 Project

About the WWII, the Sachenhausen concentration camp (Block 19th) and neo-terrorism. This is the second book of the trilogy, those first volume is "The H Clone". ISBN 978-1-60585-123-5.

Enghelberg has also written articles for Spanish-language publications in Venezuela, such as El Globo, El Universal and El Nuevo Mundo Israelita. He reviewed films for Venezuelan newspapers.

Hedi Enghelberg finished a new book, his latest one, also in Spanish. It is a collection of poetry both his own and his son's: “Poemas del Medio Dia” , 33 Poems by Hedi Enghelberg and “LA RISA NERVIOSA”, 13 Poems by MOISES ENGHELBERG. ISBN 978-1-60585-120-4.

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  • The-H-Clone
  • The Block 19 Project
  • Poemas del Medio Dia
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  • Cyberterrorismo
  • Codename: Capital
  • Escape del Ultimo Tren de Auschwitz