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Angela Watkins

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Ripley, Tennessee, United States


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Angela Watkins

Book Reviewer, Digital Writing, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital
Marketing, Researcher, Sunday School Lesson

More about Angela -

I am very knowledgeable /resourceful and I know that Internet skills are marketable.
You will not be disappointed with me.

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I review family-friendly, health, business, educational, marketing, financial
and Christian books. I prefer paper back/hard copy books.

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ie=UTF8&ref_=sv_ys_4 .... I do not live in the city of Ripley

I am offering a free column to secular and Christian newspapers,ebooks,
magazines, newsletters, blogs, e-zines, digital devices/tools, and Web sites.

I will provide services to family-friendly individuals, secular groups and Christian
organizations and businesses size does not matter.

I am honest, trustworthy, know how to keep information confidential, knowledgeable
and a Christian. I have excellent Internet Skills and I do realize that they are

Another Writer Profile (This site has over 1 million readership per month) -

Luke 10:7 'for the laborer is worthy of his hire.' .... I do not work for free...

There is a business side to my duties. It takes funds - money to operate. There
are necessities for myself as well as bills to be paid.

So I will accept any donations of any size
amount to help me further this cause.

Since all of my duties are done from home I
do not have a large overhead. I am not a non-profit organization.

My articles/reviews are available to churches, which may publish the columns in
their church bulletins, or simply make individual copies for members of your
congregations. In the past I have had my Sunday Sunday School Lessons in a
Church out of the USA.

Businesses may also be interested in running the columns in their company
magazines,Digital Writing, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, blogs, newsletters,
newspapers, etc.

The article is free as long as my contact information stays with it.

I know how to keep confidential information confidential, unless it could bring harm
to someone.

I review family-friendly, health, business, educational, marketing, financial
and Christian books. I prefer paper back/hard copy books.

I review books for publishing companies, authors, publicists, businesses and

At one time I was the Baptist, Business Coach and Insurance Host/Writer/Editor
(2002-2006/7) and it is known as one of the second largest women
websites in the world.
I gave up this position in 2006/2007 - it was quite a journey and learning experience

I provide free web content - freebies - free articles - book reviews - devotions for
websites, ezines, blogs, e-books, newsletters, bulletins, etc.

If there is any article that I have written and you would like to have it at your
website,ezine,newsletter, bulletin, blogs, e-book, etc. you are free to publish it
without contacting me as long as my name is included with my articles and book
reviews when you publish it.

I may not endorse advertisement where our articles - book reviews, etc. may
appear - I provide Business, Educational and Christian Articles - Studies and
Christian Book Reviews.

I welcome family-friendly website owners, ezine-newsletters owners, writers,
publishing companies, authors, publishers, publicists,
book clubs, groups, blog owners, e-book owners, businesses, ministries, and
others interested to contact
me via of email.

My origin of writing - web publishing started from my home in the late 1990's in
Henning, TN when I was living with my late husband. I began to review 300 money
making magazines, and books. This was like continuing education to me.

I started out as a home based business and then ended up as a personal Christian
source of help after 9/11.

I have owned as many as four domains.

If you wish to place any article with the name
Angela Watkins, AngelasWisdom, angelaswisdom,
Angelique Watkins, Angela Watkins Thomas, and or
I request that you contact me at or These articles were written between 2000/01 - 2004
when I had the domain

If you wish to place any article with the name Angela Watkins& or Angela Thomas
eAngelasWisdom - and or AngelasGems -
http:// I request that you contact me at or .

At one time I had about 3 or 4 "AOL" email addresses, so if you wish to publish my
an article with my name and it has an "AOL" email address contact me.

I do not need a web designer for I am my own web mistress.

I do not replace your house of worship nor your Christian leadership.

I am not certified nor do I represent medical, legal,counseling, financial or
certified services. But I am in touch with those that are.

Interests: Book Review, Family Friendly, Digital Marketing, Digital Writing, Social Media Marketing, Podcasting, Google+ Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, Google+, Healthy Lifestyles, Entrepreneur, Blogging, Sunday School Lesson,

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes