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Ayn Hunt

Agent: none (alas)
Houston, Texas, United States


Home page:

I'm a "native" of the great state of Texas. My lineage is, as my dearly departed mother used to say, "Mutt."

I'm the author of 3 published books: Unwilling Killers, Obsessed, and The Haunting, coming out in July, 2004 by Wings They're all Gothic Mysteries. I just finished by 4th book, The Christmas Party, which turned out to be a Horror-Suspense with Gothic elements. I'm currently shopping around for a publisher for it. But it's kinda big: 75,000 words.

On a more serious note, my books were inspired by my aunt who helped take care of me. I wanted people to remember her as the person she was, vital and interesting in everything, before Alzheimer's claimed her. At her funereal, I made a vow I'd keep her memory alive, and that promise became the Genesis for my mystery series. Unwilling Killers is the first published book in that series. Consequently the Alice Landrum people read about in my book, is about her, the spunky 85-year-old whose new passion is solving unsolved murders. I haven't changed a thing about her, either, including her name.

In addition to writing my books which feature recurring characters, but which are written as stand-alones,I'm the Paranormal editor of Gotta Write and the editor of Haunted Happenings, a free, nonfiction newsletter about ghosts.

As far as promotion goes, well, you name it, I've done it. Had signings, articles published about me in the local newspaper (which was really luck). I've also joined numerous egroups, and enjoy helping other newbie writers. I've posted news about my books on every website I could find, have signed guestbooks of some really terrific writers, and do interviews of writers with paranormal books out for Gotta Write.

Those time constraints comes from having to have some kind of a paying job to help pay the bills. I'm basically a jack of all trades. I type and transcribe tapes for both companies and individuals, and have worked as everything from a receptionist to a legal secretary to switchboard operator back when phone systems had those cords to plug into various extensions. I don't think they have them now, but it wasn't so bad. I kind of enjoyed doing it.

That's basically it. :)

Interests: Reading, writing, redecorating my little office, taking care of our cat, taking care of my hubby (To his constant annoyance), learning everything I can about the business of writing and promotion

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Haunting
  • Unwilling Killers