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Henry Vorderbruggen

27130 89th
Salem, Wisconsin, United States


My name is Henry Vorderbruggen, and I currently attend college in Greely Colo. A Wyoming native, I have written various short stories and novels. The one that is published through 1st books is called "Between Heaven and Earth". ISBN 0-75962-529-8
I am currently working on a novel that is based on the events of Revelation from the Bible. With about two years of research and writing, it is coming together and the end is in sight. Am looking for ways to have the rough draft reviewed for possible publication. My focus will be to finish this effort before the end of next year, unless I find the time between classes to complete it sooner. After reading the "Left Behind" series, I felt that so much was glossed over, that a better interpetation was needed. Once I got started, the storey took on a life of its own, and I believe that there is something in it for everyone. Or so my dad says, who is my sounding board. He got me a job in Europe last year and I was able to travel about for the research I needed to make the book more realistic and accurate for the geographic locations the story is set in. I am looking forward to hearing how I can get my manuscript into the hands of a editor or agent for review. The address listed is my dads who forwards all my mail. In addition, I have a number of short stories that may interest some of you. I like to take a break from my major project to write something else every now and then. It keeps me from getting bogged down. Write or email me if you want to view exerpts from any of my work. Thanks.

Interests: Full time journalism major in second year of college. I enjoy writing, and love to travel.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Between Heaven and Earth