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David Howard

Ojai, California, United States


David Howard is a journalist, translator, educator and
pacifist political activist. His articles have frequently
appeared in national magazines and newspapers,
including Hemispheres, Hope, the San Francisco Chronicle
and the Ventura County Star.

He was Senior Writer for Topia, a national magazine of the
arts, from 1996-1999.

His essays have appeared online
on Common Dreams, Truth Out, Online Journal,
Countercurrents and Political Affairs Magazine.

Mr. Howard is the author of "The Last Gospel," a historical
novel, available in hard bound and unabridged audio
editions from Discus Books.

He is at work on a book about murder victims.

David Howard lives in Ojai, California with his wife,
Cecilia, and their two daughters
Hannah and Eva.

Reviews and reader responses to THE LAST GOSPEL:

"Thoughtful, intriguing, a coming together of diverse
worlds that would have been
impossible before our day."
— Rabbi Arthur Green, Professor of Jewish Thought,
Brandeis University, author of
"Seek My Face, Speak My Name: A Contemporary Jewish

"An engaging intellectual tour de force....A tapestry of
inventiveness and creative
scholarship....A fascinating look into a world long gone
and a world yet to come."
—Ed Ifcovic, in "The Multicultural Review"

"[David] Howard's creativeness, his pacing, his elegant
writing directly from the soul are
touching and compelling. Redemption is here. And
—From a review of THE LAST GOSPEL in "The Book Reader"

"The Last Gospel is a captivating story at once provocative
and inspiring….This novel is
a tapestry of rare complexity, pleasing tension, and
superb beauty."
—Yoshiko Samuels, Department Chair and Professor of
Asian Literature, Wesleyan

Interests: translation, print journalism, poetry, fiction, political

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Last Gospel
  • Posthumously Yours, Stanley Tookie Williams
  • Nonfiction

  • Mary Steenburgen:Artist and Activist
  • Eight Steps to Immigration Reform
  • Project Emancipation
  • Time to Abolish the Death Penalty
  • Schools and Birth Control
  • Commitment needed to prevent youth violence
  • A Plea to the Governor to Spare 'Tookie' Williams' Life
  • Gandhi in California
  • Sociolinguistics for Teachers National Polytechnic Institute (MEX)
  • The Interfaith Debate
  • Amor for Fatima, Andrew and Anthony
  • In Honor of Terri Winchell
  • "Café on A"
  • Beatrice Wood: The Artist at 103
  • Citizen Healer, Do No Harm
  • Gang injunction is a distraction
  • Waging Peace on the Death Penalty
  • Remembering Jesús