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Jalal Joblo

Zarka, Jordan


Home page:

Jalal Nouri Joblo

Born in 1952 to a Chechen family living in Jordan at the edge of the Arabian desert.

At the age of nineteen, he joined a Greek merchant ship which took him to Africa, Europe and the Americas where his intellectual focuses started to turn into issues relating to Ethnology, Human history and Politics.

After three years he jumped ship in San Francisco bay and lived for another three years in deferent US states, settled for some time in the state of Michigan where he started his academic studies in Psychology at Michigan state university in Ann Arbor. However, his studies were interrupted due to his illegal status in the US.

Returning to his birth country Jordan after these bewildering years round the world. He worked for two years as Air steward that gave him yet another opportunity to travel to deferent parts of the world he missed in his sea voyages.

In 1980, he married and settled down in Jordan for some time where he restarted his old courier as Calligrapher and Graphic Designer and worked in deferent Arabic countries. Meanwhile, he took up writing like a sailor would do after retiring. His unpublished writings include:

1- An Arabic translation work of ( Sabers of Paradise), a novel by Lesley Blanch about the Russian advances into the Caucasus and the story of the defiant Imam Shamil.
2- Graphic Design and printing techniques. An Arabic technical manual for graphic designers.
3- My World.. My Life. A recollection of his own viewing and impressions about the world.
4- War Turbulence. A social and psychological portrait drawn from the second Gulf War.
5- Perfect Terrorist-- A portrait drawn of the period between the two Russian- Chechen wars. Parts are available on the Internet for public reading.

Jalal N. Joblo is an adherent Muslim out of convection and experience, tolerant, open minded to all other beliefs and strongly believes in the unity and cause of all mankind. He lives in Jordan with his wife and three children.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes