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Muhammad Bagher Kolahi

Mashhad, Iran


Some books are waiting for you
Dear Sir or Lady
Itís an open letter from and independent writer and poet to you. I need your software free to create independent writers book. Some of them are forced to publish just on the net, because of censorship and limitation of speech inside of some countries.
We can publish dear poems, fictions, and articles easy if you support for the software. Even I can put in the end of ebooks: ď Software support Desktop author ď.
Itís a big help to independent writers and global humany things, like freedom, peace and justice.
And itís a big help to propagate your software too. We know very writers and readers that they donít have any information of your software, even itís name.
Sir or Lady
I donít know who are you reading this open letter and whatís your occupation. Iím the editor-in-chief of RAHA the independent writers home web site:
And our future web site:
Please send this letter to your boss. Maybe he or she knows we can co-operate well.
And now Sir or Lady the boss of desktop author team
Think about my offer and reply me soon.
Open these addresses; some books are waiting for you:

Kamran Mir Hazar
Independent writer and poet
Copy to:

The RAHA Charter

1- RAHA is a free thinking movement that is the home of independent writers.

2- RAHA aims to transcend geographic, cultural, racial and linguistic barriers in the fight for freedom of speech.

3- Rajahís writing categories include poetry, fiction, play-book, criticism, translation, mythology, legend, linguistics, and other theoretical domains.

4- RAHA believes in freedom of communication and is against any form of censorship.

5- Since the mind has no boundaries, RAHA opposes the control of information by global communication entities, including media conglomerates, government and religion.

6- The creation of mind should be communicated and RAHA endeavours to publish the work of independent writers with all available forms of technology.

7- Writers have the inalienable right to think about living conditions around the world and share it with readers.

8- Writers have the human right to express themselves to humanity.

9- RAHA in no way depends on any individual, group, union, organisation, or government.

10- RAHA is happy to co-operate with any individual, group, union or organisation that shares its common objectives.

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