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Boris Popof

Kaliningrad, Russian Federation


Was born in St.-Petersburg (Russia) then lived in Berlin (Germany) and Kaliningrad (Russia). In 1979 has left from Europe to the coast of Pacific ocean. Lived on Sakhalin island and in Nakhodka city. Vizited China, Korea, Japan and USA. In 1991 created the Associasion of sisters towns of Russia and USA. Become the oficial honourable citizen of city Bellingham (Washington, USA).In 1994-1997 lived in Moscow and collect any information about Indo-Europeans origin. In 1997 has returned back in Kaliningrad. In 2002 has founded in Kaliningrad the cultural charitable fund "Constellation of muses" for writers, artists and musicians. In a very old but beautiful building has begun create the Palace of culture for this fund.
On an origin of my father I am Sabinian (ancient Greec and Roma). My grandfather (father of my mother)was born in Italy, but his father was the oficial honourable citizen of the Russian empire. As the writer I am a continuer of creativity of my great-grandfather John Pinkerton (Scotland).

Interests: My main book about the Indo-Europeans nations and culture origin. I intend to issue it not only in Russia, but in others countries of the Europe and World too. Dream together with BBC to let out a series of historical films about of our common forefath

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Swan
  • Other

  • The city on the King mountain (videofilm)