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Peter Shafton

SEVEN HILLS, New South Wales, Australia


Born in India in 1941 of European parentage, I am the eldest of 11 children. Right from my very early childhood, the night sky was always 'home' to me. I loved the starry sky so much that while only 6 years old, I pinched my grandmother's bi-focals, and built my first crude telescope. When asked what I wished to be when I grew up, I remember saying, "a scientus". I was quite young then, I think I meant to say, “a scientist“. But now, I believe that was an inspired answer, because at present I feel that to know the secrets of the universe we do indeed have to combine science and religion, or at least spirituality.

Astronomy was not an easy profession to get into in India at that time, so I had to settle for my second love, electronics. Now, a close-to-retiring electronics design engineer, in Sydney, my heart still goes out to the cosmos. As indeed it should, because like every other human being, there is in fact a little bit of stardust in my veins.

Why do I believe this? Just look around, at the newspaper articles, the magazines, books internet, and pages like this, and you will see why.

Growing up in South India (Madras) through the 50's and 60's exposed me to a lot of spiritual activity. Hindu, Muslim and Christian spiritualists were very active, in those parts, during those days. This set my mind travelling along the psychic and occult roads, finally leading me to the works of Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, and scores of others. My Christian roots, coupled with Hindu and Muslim environmental exposure turned out to be a very fertile soil for the works of Cayce and Montgomery to bear fruit in. Looking back, it was this beginning that set the foundations for these pages.

During the early 1970s I published several articles in the English language ‘MIRROR’ magazine. These non-fiction articles were in the psychic, and similar fields. Through these articles, I had the privilege of meeting some very extraordinary people. Over the years since, the urge to put all this in a book, has become all but irresistible.

Interests: New Age, UFOs, Abductions, Astronomy, Time, Reincarnation, Spirituality. My book, THE CALL OF THE COSMOS, amalgamates all these fields into ONE idea, that we are all part of an infinite COSMIC FAMILY; and we are constantly interacting with with that fami

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  • The Call of the Cosmos