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Christine West

London, Ontario, Canada


Christine West

Writer. Huh!
That's an understatement.

Columnist. Researcher. Author. Poet. Short story essayist.
CHRISTINE WEST has it all, does it all, and does it with flare and pinache.

As of January 1st, 2003, Christine’s book Service With A Smile - Waiter / Waitress Training is available to the public.

ORHMA (The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association) features this innovative book to their members as ‘the most thorough compilation on the topic of food and beverage service’. Other Restaurant Associations all across The U.S. and Canada are considering providing this manual to their members, as well. It will be used for restaurant management courses in colleges all over the world.

The KeyNote Books Imprint is interested in additional service training guides, all of which will be part of a “Service With A Smile” series. Her unique combination of writing style and service experience has dazzled us, and we are confident that it will dazzle you.

Novels are Christine's personal favorite. Her books will debut annually; next will be the publication of her young adult novel entitled If I Knew Then….

Although this novel is fictional, Christine has named her main characters after her childhood friends like Lisa McFadden, Laurie Carron and Janice DeHoey. This reflective process has kept her grounded, reminded her of where she came from, and enabled her to compose realistic views of coming-of-age issues.

We all have memories of our own childhood friends that inspire us. In Miss West’s case, friends like Sharon Brown, Debbie Yeck, Tammy Scott, and many others rouse her youthful spirit and make If I Knew Then… an enticing read.

Then, her alluring adult contemporary novel, entitled Cold Feet, will burst into print.

During the writing of this controversial work of fiction, her sister Connie and friends like Julie Elliot and Heather Campion always believed in her ability and potential. Keeping these loved ones close to her heart has been a driving force that has taken Christine from passion to publication. Is it any wonder that Cold Feet is being dubbed “emotional, real and compelling”.

The London Free Press has enlisted Christine’s sense of humor and flare to draw upon a younger audience. West writes a weekly column (Thursdays), entitled Single In The City, where she touches on issues such as the differences between the sexes, one night stands, sexual stereotypes, bachelorhood, etc.

This sizzling, reader-interactive column has received international attention. Christine has been invited to speak on numerous occasions, the most recent being at The University of Western Ontario. The column was featured in a presentation for a sociology course called "Gender Roles".
If you would like to comment on her column or ask for “Single” advice, contact:

Her inspirational short stories such as Out of the Mouths of Babes and The Maple Tree can be seen on many other author websites and are being considered for placement in a multi-author anthology.

An artist with a wide range of skills, Christine also composes very intense and emotional poetry.

All of the aforementioned can be previewed below.

Send an e-mail to

Or write to her regarding her weekly column, Single In The City, at

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Nonfiction

  • SERVICE WITH A SMILE - Waiter / Waitress Training
  • Poetry

  • In Your Eyes
  • Single Woman
  • I Thank You
  • Tranquility Awaits
  • Infatuation
  • You Came Along
  • Awakening
  • Just Another Piece of the Furniture
  • Scripts

  • The Dreaded One-Night Stand
  • You Only Get a One Chance to Make a First Impression
  • Laughter, the New Addiction
  • Loneliness the Fear
  • March of Time Has Single Fearing She’s out of Step
  • Failed Singles Must Get Right Back on the Horse
  • When You Love Yourself, Others Will Love You, Too
  • Men Ask What Women Are Looking For
  • SINGLE IN THE CITY - A Weekly Column
  • Are Men And Women So Different?
  • Give Senior’s Wife a Lift, too
  • Other

  • Youngblood and an Old Friend - a short story
  • The Maple Tree - a short story
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes - a short story