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Patsy Lewis

Alexandria, Louisiana, United States


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Who can know the mind of a child? Who can know the dreams, the seeds of desire that lie in the fertile soil of the heart and mind? Only God and I knew the overwhelming intensity of a little red headed freckle faced girl who had poetry in her soul and the uncanny ability to transfer thoughts and vision onto paper, creating beauty and reality in the mind of the reader. It took almost forty years for me to birth my book. Many years and much pain, sorrow, and almost unbearable emotional travail. But, it was worth it, for now, all the experiences that caused me pain have been turned into good, with the help of God. I write of the conflicts of life and how the weak are made strong by the hand of God. My poetry was born in the struggle of my life and my book speaks the words that were always there, waiting for expression.(P) The Morning of the White Stone is an act of worship and thanksgiving on my part that I am a survivor, but more than that, I have triumphed over the situations that would have destroyed my productivity, but because I do not believe in giving up, has become my triumph. My book was published in August, has attained a good ranking on the internet, in addition to the great sales in my hometown and church, where I am well known.(P) My experiences have given me an instrument to use ministering to women in all the varying situations of marriage. This book, plus the second one, The Sins of Boggy Creek,now available for sale online, written in novel form, is full of inspiration,struggle, triumph and real portrayals of the human ability to persevere. The reactions of people who contact me constantly after having read my book and poetry is confirmation to me that I have succeeded in touching the soul of my readers, which, I think, is the highest goal of a writer.I am going to be sixty years old in January, have five adult children and eight grandchildren. I live in Louisiana, on a lake, with my husband of forty-one years, enjoying my new career as a writer and the heart touching words of my readers. "They who wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as an eagle." I feel my time has come to fly!

Interests: Decorating, landscaping, writing, family

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Sins of Boggy Creek
  • The Morning of the White Stone