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Michael Symonds

Woodbury, Tasmania, Australia


Looking back now at the age of sixty, I can only think of what a disappointment I am to myself for not taking up a career in writing. I was born in Dorset, England and my literary skills came naturaly to me at school but even though I was praised and encouraged for my writing, I was cursed with an inferiority complex. No matter what my teachers said of me I couldn't believe I was better than the least. Some might say that this is a virtue, I used to think the same thing at times in light of my former religious beliefs that all humanity are created equal; I had a fear of becoming selfish that dogged me through life. Despite the encouragement to take up writing by my Aunt, who was principal of a large school in the Lake District of England, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and become a builder.
My family emigrated to Australia in 1958 and I began working for my father in the building industry at the age of 14. I spent a few years in the Royal Australian Navy from the age of 17 and went back to building when discharged. I was always a good tradesman but lacked any idea of running a business.
I took it to ridiculous extremes, like doing work for aged pensioners for nothing, most of whom had more money than I would ever have, perhaps they exploited my naivity. I really should have been striving to achieve something to be proud of. As a builder I took work on low wages, I even expected low wages for some reason as yet unknown to me, perhaps a psychologist might have a name for this.
Alternatively though, when looking back on the past, I have to admit that my struggle of life has been also very enjoyable, full of good memories and experiences. One of the best things in life being that my six children respect and love me, divorced that I am and living alone they are constant visitors and it is because of them that I now intend, at this mature age to get something published.

Interests: religious issues, conspiracy, New World Order, Secrets of the Ancients, Ancient History. Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Forbidden Archaeology, Contemporary World Politics, Human Rights, Poetry.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes