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Laurel Johnson

Fairbury, Nebraska, United States

I have one published book, The Grass Dance, which is non-fiction. It has enjoyed good reviews and less than stellar sales.

A second book, The Alley of Wishes, is slated for release by 1stBooks within the next couple months. This second book is fiction and a complete departure from the first in genre and content. I have at least three more fiction books in the working or planning stages. I call my fiction books mainstream allegories, but do concede that they will no doubt be labeled romance genre since male-female love is a strong part of each storyline.

I enjoy reviewing and interviewing for Midwest Book Review and Denise's Pieces. I'm privileged to read many good books that way, by excellent up and coming authors, and will read any genre or topic except hard core porn. Most reviewers read for the joy it gives them, which is essential in a volunteer job. I do not get paid for reviewing or interviewing.

As writer, I've trudged the rejection trail far too long. For what remains of my writing career, I've sworn off basing my hopes on agents and large publishers who give conflicting reports in return to a query, if they reply at all. Good luck to all who have the strength and courage to press on under such circumstances. I am no longer willing to do so.

Interests: Writing, reviewing and interviewing authors and publishers, amateur photography

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Alley of Wishes
  • Nonfiction

  • The Grass Dance