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Hugh McCarthy

Mexico City, Mexico


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As far as writers go, I would classify myself one with unexplored potential, or rather, unrealized explored potential. You might say this applies to most of the areas of my life, at least to all those areas to which does not apply a similar yet tragically obverse description: realized explored ineptitude.

I like to write. I love to communicate. My main motive to write is my love of communication coupled with an almost obscene social ineptitude masked by a lifetime of forced social immersion. In other words, you would probably never know at a social event that I was terrified to speak, but rather would find me aloof and pompous. That is, you would never know until I overcame my reticence, either through drink or an attractive woman or both, that I donít know how to shut up. This translates well into writing, especially my writing (mainly because no one reads my writing other than those daring few who, like Leakey, dug through the bones of my work).

I have written countless poems, dozens of short stories, and at least one novel. No more than 15 people have ever read my work, because I have never sought to publish it until now.

I am not realizing I should have started sooner, considering the glacial pace of progress in this endeavor.

Interests: sailing, karate, writing, astronomy, climbing, technology

Published writer: No

Freelance: No