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Travis Glenn

Hot Springs, South Dakota, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: travisab1

Some of my short stories.

This is a true story of how I lost everything including my kids because of a misled Deadbeat Father thing that CA State Government put on me. This ruined my three kidís lives as well as mine. This is a 57 page document with excerpts from communication with that government to their taking money from me and my kids leaving us all homeless and in harms way in the streets.

Why I Got Into Such a Depressed State Of Mind
Broke and Homeless From Hot Springs, SD to Virginia Beach, VA (Page 10)

The following are Sci-Fi and some may or may not be real.
1. Silver in the Sand- What may have happened between 2 BC & 33 years before his death.
2. Twenty Million Light Years- Did Earth always have only one moon?
3. A Dimension of Time- What is the meaning of a Parallel Universe?
4. Ark Choo and His 57 Rocketmobile- Having fun in the future at the cat races, eating at High Rise no foundation fast food restaurants, working in a High Rise wrecking and mobile salvage yard, setting of atomic bombs on the 4th and many more surprises.
5. Eves Leaf- How to stop the big A from ever eating the Apple.
6. Great Civil War II- What happens when Big Brother turns into Godzilla?

True Diary of one of my trips as a Merchant Marine.

7. The Diary of a Mad Seaman- True story of a day by day, hour by hour account of my travels from east coast to west coast back to Savanna load on grain to take to Tallinn Estonia just 30 miles from Helsinki, Finland to drop of grain and visiting all the places with co ordinances.

These are some of the stories Iíd like to publish. I also have a lot of songs like The Lost Dutchmanís Gold Mine and 30 Years a Boson as well as many more.

You can reach me at my generic E-Mail address at

Regards to all,

Interests: I'm very interested in publishing all my writings. I'd be happy to get at least one of them published. Got Publishers?I published one of my true stories to my website at

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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  • Diary of a Mad Seaman