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Ragab Hassan

272 , Waheed Street
Cairo, Egypt



Name : Ragab Hassan Ragab
born on : 14/12/1947

:- Wrote Essays Published in several arabian magazines and journals . Tens of short stories and short plays in press and radio. 8 books in essays , short stroies and plays :
1-"Critical Speculations " ; which contains some studies about the Egyptian and African literature .
2-"Naguib Mahfouz Says" ; literary conversations with Naguib Mahfouz about some of his famous heros
with a long literary indrouduction ( 2 Edd. )
3-"His Excellency's Clock " ; Said about them : "It's a title to three plays, Bagogo, His Excellency's Clock,and The Highness In Trouble. They are short plays, treat one subject which is the authority's crisis that is divided between the governer and the governered. But each one of them has a certain level of this crisis....... It seems that the author is extreemly concious of the guidance of directing, especially the 'light' that the author cares to give it an apparent dramatic role in the same dramatic strife."
4-"The Smill Of The Closers"; ten short humanistic stories that deals with the humans' simplicity.
5-"His Excellency's Arresting" ( 3 short plays )
6-"Radio Of Israel Presents" ( 10 short stroies)
7-"Soemthing's burning" ( 3 short playes)
8-"Just America" (A Play)
9-"The Original And Efreet" ( A play)

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Interests: Writing , Listening to Classical Music

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No