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Shahbazz Anwerr

Dubai~/ Houston Texas( currently based), United Arab Emirates


In just 18 years of age ,he had written full fleged scripts titled, "Deewangiyaan", "Mera Pyarr" (MY LOVE) and " IDIOT~ I DO ISHQ ONLY TUMSE".( I HAVE ONLY BEEN IN LOVE WITH YOU". All these stories have a color of culture and great storylines. Though the titles might be intrestingly in Urdu, Shahbazz has written these scripts in English. He doesnt boast of his stories that much but what he wishes to do is what shows a lot of promise within him.

"I have written various short stories inspired by some social problems and basically on disillusioned people of which two stories are worth mention titled AEIB ( A bad patch ) and TOOTI CHAPPAL (Broken Sandals)' he said.

"Now Im working on a novel, its been an year and im still working on it, its a thriller exploring various levels of chills and thrills variedly titled TUM MERI KAHANI HO ( YOU ARE MY STORY)" adds on his future works.

"I am also writing a serial which will last for an year at Youngtimes ( a major teen magazine in the emirates). The story gets published in episodes every fortnight. Its titled WHEN IN LOVE, I want to attract a major medium of readers so I will keep on posting the episodes here. Its basically a cultural story based on subcontinental weddings and emotions which are now attracting major audiences in the other parts of the world now". Shahbazz adds, "There is just one emotion in this world. It is of LOVE. The rest of the emotions follow up either due to excess love or the lack of it"

Shahbazz headed the Drama club at his College and won allocades for his performance as the event director. He also bagged the best script and dialouges titles along with the best director for the event. "My comedy attempt was a hit back on filmy cliches titled HUMSE KUCCH NA BOLIYE (Dont you say anything to me) won major catagories. I look forward in writing something major and novel"....

On asked about his stories he says, "Actually my stories seem like mini screen plays. I intend to direct my works in the near future, I dont want to just be differnt but bring out common and simpler emotions on screen that are a natural part of our lives and not the typical stuff we see. I would love to write horror and in near future own a production house that can hire different directors doing different works under my banner. I want fashion, poetry, cinematography, dialouges, music, expression and scripts to be the forte for my works".

Shahbazz took up writing to bring about changes in the media also to follow up certains idols and break the cliches. Even if he doesnt want to break the cliches he yearns to present cliches in a much more presentable way. He took up writing because he wanted to direct works that can be visualized by him since it will crop in his mind. It'll be easy to execute the project but he adds, "I also took up writing to bring about a change be it a smile or a shock or disgust in my reader's minds considering the trauama's or the happiness my characters face. Actually my characters are living around like anyone of us would"!

'Shobiizznexxtt Productions' that he calls his future production house is still busy in Shahbazz's minds. Currently Shahbazz is working on his new script/ story about the youth and their lives in "Trying Comedy". 'Trying Comedy" is a tentative working title that tells a story of a few youngsters who try to accept the world as it is. "Its a very new-age emotional saga. In today's age and time our lives are very hurt and desperate, This story brings out that energy, ambition and most of all that hope in you"- "Trying Comedy" shall be completed in Summer 2004.

Shahbazz Anwerr is a Marketing and Management major in Houston Texas currently.

Interests: "Well everything intrests me, by the way I dont think I'm a great writer to be even called that" says Shahbazz Anwerr. "I just express my self through poems, articles, cover stories, articulations, and especially scripts"-

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • When In LOVE~ Episode One
  • When In LOVE~ Episode Two.