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Melanie Marie Ridner

Agent: Am seeking !
2318 Hamilton Eaton Rd., Lot#71
Hamilton, Ohio, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: melanie_ridner @

My name is Melanie Marie Ridner .

I am a disabled writer and work at home and have eight books on the market.

I have over eighty-seven songs going and do all my work from home .

Rich is not my goal,work is so I can freely support myself as this is a career I have created for myself.

I am a former BMI Writer.

Now a Full Ascap Writer/Ascap Publisher
Two years in a row ASCAPlus Award Winner for my works in Music. 2002-2004-2004-2006

I sell and promote the Books and Songs I write and have several Stars such as Roy Stuart ,Donna Frost / CJ Rielly,
and Richard Melvin Brown who is David Fosters bandmember
doing my work.

I am selling the cd's by internet and anywhere I can.
websites to view and listen free are:

Under "CyrilLovesongs" at
There are forty-two download companies at the moment with cdbaby that have and are selling "CyrilLovesongs".

Poetry: under (Melanie Marie Ridner)

Books at : Feelings) On My Shoulders) Roses Fall)
(The Dumontes-The London Series)

(The Four Winds) ISBN #1-884710-42-5
Indian Heritage Council
Louis Hooban
P.O. Box 752
McCall, Idaho
PH# 1-(202)-315-0916
Small Indian Poetry Book:5 1/2 by8 1/2 is
$6.00 =$2.00 shipping and handiling
Large Indian Poetry Book is $8.00 + $2.00 shipping and handiling
Half of every one of these Native American Poetry Books go to help this Handicapped Native American Poet keep writing.

They make Great Gifts for all occasions,so Please purchase one or several to help.

I am forty-eight years old, and I enjoy the work I have created and it means alot to me.

It keeps me alive and it's all real and true and it's mine.

I need an agent bent on working with me as I continue to climb in selling my works.

Please contact me at :

In 2003 I suffered a heart attack and had a stint inserted in my heart straight up and down. Then six months later I had two more inserted sideways as well. I have had over sixty surgeries due to the many medical problems I have faced and do face now.During my childhood I had no clue I had been given a radiation treatment which has made my survial and life very hard with all the medical problems.
I have had to date sixty surgeries and facing more.

I am a starving artist that seeks any and all finacial help to keep me working and writing from my humble trailer which needs repairs desperately.

I am seeking "Donations" and "Contributions" to help with repairs to my trailer home which will cost about $4,000.00 to repair. That is materials included.

I also seek dollar "Donations" and "Contributions" as well to help with ink's and paper and materials to help keep me working here from home.

I also seek a Coutry Music Star -Female who would wish to sing any of my songs to help me out.
I have several that would go right to the top of the Country Music Charts with a huge bang.

My song (Where Roses Fall) is also a song, book, and poem and has won The New Century Writers Ray Bradbury Short Story Award.

I also have four of my books under New Revision and re wrote with illustrations releasing hopefully by the end of December with Istvan Motz ,Globusz Publishing in New York.

I have also for the second time won the ASCAPLus Awards for January 2006.

All this work I do with air here from my home.

I also create my own arts on my cd's and am not afraid of work as I am working on thirty -six books as I write this.

Your help is needed to help me out.
Please buy a download of my Music or a cd or a book to help me out.

If you would like to Donate or Contribute ,Please E-mail me at:

Put Donation or Contribution in subject line.
If you would like to help this handicapped Artist out you may also mail a dollar or whatever you wish to:

Miss Melanie Marie Ridner
2318 Hamilton Eaton Road
Lot # 71
Hamilton ,Ohio

You may also E-mail her from above or you may send her a card or state which of her needy funds you would like to help her with.

Thank you

Please listen to her Music at the many websites as well.

Once again Thank you all.

Interests: I am a Writer in many fields. Writer/Poet/Songwriter. Am seeking a serious Agent as I have sold over three thousand dollars worth of my own books in the past. I need a go getter. Someone who earns his pay by doing the work first! I am a very se

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Romantic Feelings
  • Tears On My Shoulder
  • BloodStone
  • Other

  • "Tears Of Pearls" Country Music Cd
  • Melanie Marie Ridner-Poetry
  • Where Roses Fall-New Release
  • "CyrilLovesongs" "Country Music CD"