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Mohamed Fihri

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BELKSIRI/16150, Morocco


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As I am interested in advocating human values , I have been writing related subjects for different magazines .Three years ago, I deduced that the screen is the best medium to preach thru .The young,in particular,are more attracted by movies than they are to the church/mosque.That is my first reason to envisage a movie program .
However, it all really started when I was once lying seeing a trivial, nonsensical and repugnant movie ; the kind that has become increasingly abundant these days .But this time, I didnít content myself with uttering that usual sigh of disgust and disapproval . An inner call told me to stop criticizing and come up with an alternative instead .I agreed .
So , the second reason ,then, is to add value to cinema or contribute towards restoring its previous value. Itís a moral commitment.I didnít wonder whether I am qualified to . I felt I could , as I already have a sensible(artistic) nature , a special tendency to storytelling ,reading and writing (I was storytold by elders then storyteller for the younger.What the hell could countrysiders otherwise do but to roam in primeval nature and solicit to be storytold ? Play Stations !? Videogames !? I am talking about that period from 1973 to 1978 in a developing country .But this is nothing compared to 34 years of unusual romantic childhood and early youth , frustration , disappointment , bad luck , challenge , meditation , ambition and so on . So an intense experience that the Mayor of Casterbridge would have forgotten his and sympathize with mine . The good news : I have been in full control , which rendered me meditative, somewhat sober and optimistic rather than insane and pessimistic . What I am unable to control , however, is this recurring sigh ďOh if I could only screenwrite that story !Ē
So my mission is Not to avoid bad luck , but to exploit it itself .(this is the third reason: personal) . But before launching my attack on bad luck , I have to secure the right efficient weapons-screenwriting skills .

In fact, Iím quite aware that itís hard for a beginner to break in , let apart a foreigner .
Yet , I cherish the hope nonetheless , Also, itís only sound that the PTBs have no time to fool around with beginners equipped with nothing more than impulsive ambition . Iím a beginner, too , but with something-real thing-to contribute and make others make something out of it : Money for them; Entertainment for their customers . After all , isnít it the ultimate goal ?
Honestly, both my interest and experience in screenwriting only date back to two years ago . However , itís no boasting to say that the stuff(Art) had already been latent there . It just needed the motivation , some craft and the trigger to find its outlet . All this was later secured thanks to my perseverance and the moral support of Mrs. DIANA FULLER of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers , and professor Paul Maier of the Western Michigan University
Still, you have every reason to think this is unthinkable ; that I shouldnít even conceive the idea of writing English screenplays to an American audience ; that I am the last one to dream of having a script read by you or by any other agent or producer . Youíre stone right .
So why the hell am I trying to carry coals to Newcastle ? I suggest you be patient a bit. It worths your reading time .This I can guarantee .
Itís unconceivable to effectively write about places , peoples and cultures at distance . Being a foreigner I canít compete with William Goldman , James Cameroon or Spike Lee in their own soil . Because I lack the cultural background , the sense and the feel of what it takes to portray a real life tinted with cultural singularity . This is made even more difficult by the ever-changing American idiom , slang and situations . However, despite all these hurdles, my guess is that there are always some exceptions where some rules are sometimes broken . For example, I canít write in American drama, comedy or whatever that wears rich social and cultural ingredients . Itís almost impossible for me to produce works such as WEST WING , LAW AND ORDER , THE PRACTICE , etc. Yet, this doesnít heavily apply on science fiction , in particular where the concept is general : Aliens , supernatural incidents ,etc. Thatís the only area a foreign writer can hope to write in (though perfectness is never guaranteed . Still, a native can help polish it ). And this is where I departed from . The threat that evil powers(e.g demons) pose on the human race is general and cross-cultural . It affects every human on this planet regardless of his culture , race .It is not a purely American issue ; itís global . Still, the perspective differs I admit . Here I think showrunners can help . Another hurdle which I concede is that I canít get a sense of how showbiz works over there(though this is not entirely true . I can get some sense somewhat somehow) .But then again Iím not a producer , My Agent will be aware of it on my behalf .
I compensate for the lack of cultural experiencing by persevering in being in touch with whatís going on over there at distance . Iím demoniacally interested in watching North American movies . I just see a lot of them , old ones and new ones . I watch the one film over and over until I can go through the entire movie scene by scene in my head .I watch CNNís LARRY KING LIVE and Q&A . I follow every kidnapped and missing case from SHANDRA LEVY to ELIZABETH SMART to bishopsísexual scandals. I follow Jay Leno and CONAN OíBRIAN shows every weekend . I donít miss BBCíTALKING MOVIES . I watch , hear, read things then quickly think and reason whether itís relevant and will add flavor to my script . I take notice of it and file it to be incorporated later . Thatís how I came to incorporate life rhythm into my stories.The work just lays open on my desk waiting for two years for relevant stuff to be added . Only when the script is fed up of accumulated dust that I begin to type its first pages . When Iím tired writing , I wet my hair and go out into the fields and get busy weeding a field of peas and beans to catch sun , sweat , activate my physique and rest my brain . Coming back , you know what I do?
Well, I just ÖI just meditate.
In the evening , I tidy myself up again and go to a fancy cybercafť . There I log on screenwriting websites to have ,at least, an electronic feel . Why, itís a real feel .

The bulk of the concerned screenplay Iím recommending to you for production was written before year 2000 . Updating has consistently been integrated so far . But only 9/11 event speeded up its completion . Actually, many things have changed since that disaster . As I stated earlier , the human race, in general, has lost a great deal of security, trust , and joy of life . Writers certainly have a job to do in retrieving that was lost . I have just finished doing my share on that . Itís a sci-fi work about the devil as an invisible and untouchable but actual (material) living being-an attempted sci-fi revelation of the devil race kingdom . This work is envisaged to give people(audience) an idea of the devilís animosity and interference with all aspects of the humankindís life(e.g. ways of thinking , decision taking , etc.) in a practical, not metaphysical, way.
Sounds a Christian movie ?

Why not ? Christian films are doing well , too(though they lack universalitiy) (Megido, Carman the Champion , Omega Code , etc.) . Matter of fact, it just sounds ; itís not.
Itís 100% a sci-fi thriller . Deft enough to comply with the genre parameters ; yet broad enough to humour a depressed audience thro recurring wry send-ups . But what is really distinguishable about it is, in contrast to the supposition that manís rendezvous with aliens will be thro outerspace , this wry thriller comes up with a disparate perspective .According to some professional feedbacks , it is well written and with a distinguished concept . However , it was basically written with a showrunner/ rewriter in mind .Creativity room is also left for both director and actor .
The focus is heavily laid on its fresh and unique concept. Itís up to you to judge it ultimately. The original MS will be gladly mailed to you at the asking . It is not published yet in any form .
Thank you for taking the time to go thro this labyrinth.

Interests:  I am an amateur screenwriter from Morocco , very much interested in promoting human understanding among people of all races. Screenwriting is my preferred mode of bridging and communicating those seemingly conflictional. cross-cultural and human

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Freelance: Yes