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Karl C Tompkins

PO Box 228
Wyoming, Iowa, United States


Yahoo: LuckyJoe2

What can one say about themselves and not get side tracked into talking about family and life as it may be. My joy of writing comes from a deep sorce inside. As I grew up I found my "happy thoughts" with a pen and paper. Writing about things a person my age shouldn't know. My first poem was about love at the age of 11 or 12. People have remarked its the shortest most simple poem about love they have seen. As well as remarking about how perfect and true it is. I often look back asking myself how could these five simple lines come from someone that young. Then knowning this was always ment to be my calling. With the ups and the downs, pieces of work being tossed in the trash here and there. I still seem to be able to roll along this highway keeping balance on my pen. I've often thought I could slip and fall on my face not to get up. Over 300 misplaced poems and other works of my writing art burnt in a fire, I sat up only to recollect. This time I don't want to take a chance of having it happen again. So I've decided to look on to publishing to always have the work be replaceable at a store if my personal items get destroyed.

Interests: No set direction in my interests with writing. I write a bit of everything from poetry (my strong point), to short stories and working on a novel.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes