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Terry Oakley

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


When I was young I wanted to go to Hollywood & write script. I did what most do & it eluded me... I'm back ot being you g & dreaming again. I'm told frequently that I look & sound like Sean Connery (he's older than me) the mere sound of my voice has wonderful effects on the opposite gender. In the past it's got me into very interesting siutations one of which was to open a beauty contest as the man. The adoratoin was overwhelming... I loved it.
I'm a wide interest writer... with some short stories published in local press & school publications. I've written stories aimed at children aged 4 (I can read) to 90 (I don't know it all) that explains life. These provide wonderful insights for children, people of all ages to reflect & say...... "so that's what it means. Wow..... I now understand "
I love writing dialogue, descriptive interactive stuff.
I write erotic (aimed at a female audience) for this reason...(I have hundreds) physical attraction is one thing, word interaction makes it more erotic....
currently I am compiling a book of short stories called 'seven seductions': These happened to me..... & the follow up will be 'seven uplifting stories'..... people I know..... I have plans to commence a short film that has a middle.... the beginning is assumed & come out in reflections during the middle while the watcher is invited to fill in the ending . I love mysteries & open ended conclusions.....I end like I start. This demands another question & therefore another story to continue the intrigue

Interests: 'Life everything'. Lived everywhere..nature, life travel, art, literature, theatre, big cities, remote places...

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes