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Don Wilson

New York City, New York, United States


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MSN: donwilson707

Donald J. Wilson
Phone (912)210-8779
912 349 5692 Fax Back - On Demand

Dear Friend,



Unpublished Work in progress by unpublished Author/ Writer/Actor.

Manuscript is a work in progress (Short Story) in writing which meets the demands to be prepare and translations; into musical arrangements, monetization
Etc. Material for use on the stage and television production Movie of the Week (MOW) or the movies.

A work in progress How to Book (length will be 50,000 - 75,000 words), on Import and Export, for instance: UK European Community EC European Free Trade Agreement EFTA and North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA policy along with and procedure, financial, shipping and documentation procedures as well, "An Export Management Company A-Z."

A work in progress How to Book length will be (80,000 - 90,000 words), on unusual elements, drug - related subjects, school, romance, cars, light comedy, light exploitation, satire and violence. Acceptable for prime - time television audiences with local hook and angle, as well . . . "Buck Jones-In the Trenches." (Another modern day version of

the dark side of Super Bad Boys of the silver screen I'd like to see more of :

to name a few, Shari Bellefonte, Michael Collier, Chris Rock, Danny Glover, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, David Allen Grier, Chris Tucker, Steve Segal, Blair Underwood, Damon Wayans, Ving Rhames, Lawrence Fish burn, Sean Penn, Forest Whittaker, Rick James, "Shaft," "Ice T," "Wesley Snipes, Tommy Lee Jones, Cuba Gooding Jar, Denzel Washington, Roy Jones Jar, Rocky , Robert de Nero, Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Dee, Dave Chappell, Lou Gossett Jar, Tom Cruz, Sidney Poitier,

Articles on:
A strong think piece on "Black/ Male Basing" provisions
"Should You Consult a Career Consultant," ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT -Participatory Management

"How to Pick Communication Models -Vertical, -Horizontal, and Ad-Hoc ...

For give exact price and kill fee, if applicable.

I am requesting and will to accept a computer CPU in exchange for the customary advance royalty partial payment; advance needed to finish the works in progress, for instance:

This is for First North American serial rights.

Featured Articles length will be (300 - 3,500 words), and I will deliver they on time.

Dramatic; Television and motion Picture Rights - one year option to buy such rights is offered (15% of total price).

We will negotiate - selling one - time rights unless publisher and author of the script agree in writing; will not sell rights for collective or derivative works.

Seek theoretically motion picture script production in the low - budget area that are possible to produce 30 to 60 minute scripts from $50,000 to under $ 1 million or Hollywood low budget film for the theater regular distribution productions from $ 1 million to $ 5 million.
For �Doctor Bombay�

Advanced royalty requirement (20%) or draw against commission (15%) after manuscript has been sold etc.
Flexible, with personality to work well with agent or producer; willing to negotiate - payment depending on project.

Primary concern for 13-R rated theatrical film ideas:
Unusual elements, extreme exotic drug - related subjects, school, romance, cars, light comedy, light
exploitation and violence. Tastefully done acceptable or prime - time television audiences; with local hook and angle.

So, I also have years of innovative material (Collective work) that I would like to use on a one time basis, in a series or sequel, one or more magazine feature articles', newspaper columns�, light verses or fillers.

Otherwise, some collective works (need wholesale revisions) but overall most pieces are in perfect form.

Author is a clipper advocate, of popular, and controversial

500 - 1000 words or less of related innovative material, new and unusual products, designs, brand names and entrepreneurial services, for instance.

A complete How to Book (length will be 50,000 - 75,000 words), on Import and Export, for instance: trade leads, procedure, financial, shipping and receiving.

Best regards,


Donald J. Wilson

Interests: Welcome to The Club! Writing a strong think peice on the Black/ Male Bashing provisions. Join The WRITING Club! 1000 WRITERS http://www.write

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