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Melinda Baker

Skowhegan, Maine, United States



You can find some of my writing at

Ya know writing about yourself sucks. What do I have to say that would interest any of you? Honestly I am sure you all lead lives that are much more exciting than mine. If you are bored out of your mind and have the time read on, if not well thanks for stopping by.

I began writing at a young age. I loved reading and the sound of a pencil scratching at a piece of paper. I never considered writing seriously at all. People are born with a gift or a talent and they know it, or so I thought. It never occurred to me that the love and passion might be there and you need to work from there. I kept a journal through school and sometimes competed in student competitions with my writing but I never pursued it.

It was during one of the biggest moves of my life that I began to seriously write. I left a state that I had lived in for 18 years. I used my writing to sort through all the emotions that flooded my soul as I left behind friends and people who were extended family. I left comfort and moved to uncertainty. Due to circumstances being as they were I wasnít allowed to voice my frustrations, pain, anger, or concerns. There was too much riding on this move and those left behind.

After a few months I allowed a friend of mine to read a few of my pieces. It was through her encouragement that I showcased some of my writing on the internet on a message board. After they were received well I was encouraged to get myself a website. I chose Tears of Joy because for the first time in months I was happy deep inside. The title was shortened to Tears because they convey emotion but it isnít limited to sadness or joy. You can cry tears of frustration, anger, pain, etc.

When asked to describe my writing I tell people it is fiction mixed with a dose of reality sprinkled with honesty. What you read isnít necessarily what I have been through but it could be something I watched someone else go through. It might be someone I know or a person I see in the mall that I feel the emotion coursing through them and from there my imagination takes it to a new level.

My hope is that my writing always be described as honest. I wish to convey to whoever may read a piece that I write that while life isnít always wonderful there is a brighter side. A lot of my writing has some angst to it but that is life. It is how we look at life that determines how we respond. My dream is to write a book of essays that no matter who you are and what your background is you can relate to something you read inside. I believe that everyone you come in contact with has an affect on your life; my hope is that I can improve otherís lives.

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