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Zeke Smith

Agent: thrip@OtherWhere.NET
Delanson, New York, United States


Home page: http://www.OthereWhere.NET

Zeke's seen & done lots --- been a lot of places, too.

He started a story a while back, just to entertain himself. He worked on it feverishly (obsessively?) for a bit before it ultimately got out of hand. The getting out of hand part troubled him --- he shied away from it, at that point, but it fascinated him, too. He couldn't leave it completely alone...

Still, he just wasn't giving it as much attention as we would have liked, so we decided to do something about it ourselves.

Who are we? I should imagine that would be obvious to this group, but to state the obvious: we are his characters.

And we HAVE taken over (though Zeke does tacitly cooperate occasionally). We have managed to generate a website, where we hope to get a lot more exposure and activity --- www.OtherWhere.NET.

Won't you come pay us a visit?

Interests: Mental Health, Computers, SciFi tales, Wolves & Wine

Published writer: No

Freelance: No