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David Lindsay

Birmingham, Alabama, United States


While I have often been told my own life is like a novel,albeit a strange one,now is not the time or forum to go into the gory details.I have always written,for my own pleasure and amusement.I now want to find out if I have what it takes to do this for a living.I am not some hack with a pipe dream;I am unpublished and inexperienced.
My own life has been one of searching.I have finally found the things I want and need.God,a girl named Pam,eight (yes, eight) children.A full life.There is one more thing.My life's work.I am forty years old,which may be a little late to find one's vocation,but,in twenty years I would rather be a failed or struggling writer than a sixty year old man who never reached for the prize.I am Southern to the core,in only the best way.I am a devout Christian,although that may not show in some of my work.Man's search for God and for himself intrigues me.I am still on that trek.I write about people who often find the journey difficult.Some give up.Some slog forward with no real hope of reaching a good end.Some triumph.I want to tell their stories.

Interests: God,a woman named Pam,my children and becoming a successful writer.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes