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Peter Gray

Madison Heights, Other US, United States


What would sum it all up for me? Frustration. Experimentation. Reaching out and communicating to others. Experiencing life.
Born in Canada and raised on a small island further East, one that also harbors known royalty, I have managed to stay out of the limelight thus far.
I initially sought an enlightened understanding of the universe through academia and engineering. The bulb did not go on and I was turned off.
Undeterred, I threw myself into the open arms of avarice and pursued business in the corporate arena. Sleep deprivation, an affinity for managed risk and a personality-ectomy almost resulted.
I saved myself from the politics and became an entrepreneur - intially freelancing and then co-founding a small consulting firm. As the internet bubbled to a frothy head, I swam back to this side of the Atlantic and pursued my deeper loves of self understanding, interacting with and serving others as well as selling. From here I have discovered a passion to explain the frustrations that I have seen and felt to others on similar journeys...imparting hope and inspiration to those who seek a way less trodden.
Unexpectedly smitten by love (I was ambushed at church...I mean I thought there were rules about that sort of thing?) I dazedly find myself engaged and due to be ritually married without a trial. She is a lucky lady and I consider her to be very blessed.

Interests: Observing life and people. Understanding more about tapping into human potential to enhance life. The games of business. Transformation of a person's experience of life.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes