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Robert Wolfe

Agent: Waiting, hoping, looking
Savannah, Georgia, United States


Most upsetting to me is that I'm gettin' old. Married twice...didn't do well at it. I've failed at perhaps two hundred relationships, their faults, of course.
I've worked as a high school teacher and hated it, as factory labor, hated that even more, as a body/frame/paint technician and auto mechanic without a lot of success, was a farm laborer and served some time in the U.S. Army. I have met a lot of great characters and experienced much, and I believe I do a Hell of a job writing anything except synopses and those damned query letters all the agents want writers to commit suicide over.
I would love to write for my livelihood, but I detest starving and living out of doors. I've written perhaps
twenty full-length manuscripts to date, six of which comprise my "Buddies" series written about and around the lives of some Vietnam era Green Berets trying to come all the way back home. The first two of the series, "Poets and Warriors Born" and "Home the Pale Rider" are self-published through Morris Publishing and have been sold in the U.S. by from my website and during book signings at Borders Books and Music and at various gun shows in the southeast.
My writing has been described by readers other than friends and family as eternally fascinating, a blend of humor and pathos, with characters that live lives outside the pages and inside the minds of those captured at the reading of them. THOSE words, not my own, have kept me optimistic and hopeful of finding an agressive and savvy agent who can put me in the market place.
R. Wolfe

Interests: General fiction, most categories, some poetry over the years, two non-fiction books that I didn't like and haven't taken the time to rewrite. I just love to write. It's where I am released, where I breathe most cleany and dance.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Buddies...Poets and Warriors Born
  • Buddies II...Home the Pale Rider