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Jackie Kali

Agent: Beverley Slopen
Louisville, Kentucky, United States


OBJECTIVE: To Produce, Promote and Publish Inspiring Prose.

EDUCATION: BSBA, University Of Louisville Major: Marketing/Advertising GPA: 3.4

EXPERIENCE: Real Estate Investing, Copy Writing, Account Executive (UPS) and Military (resume upon request)

I am in the process of writing my own book about the possible spiritual genesis of mental illness.
There were many times when I literally made thirty thousand dollars in a single month investing in real estate, yet in many ways I was bankrupt.

The premise of my book is when one resists one's "calling" -- when one has strayed away from one's soul purpose -- our body will let us know by manifesting a warning signal: a dis-ease. Like me and many other writers/artists, sometimes this dis-ease will originate in the brain as an imbalance called "manic depression".

It's almost as if I was "corking" the creative fires of my verbose volcanoes for so long until they finally erupted into what the doctors like to label "mania". In her book, "Writing Down the Bones", Natalie Goldberg says that "writers either write or drink".

I did the latter for many years until I finally said, "ENOUGH!", and got the help I needed six years ago. Now I realize writing, albeit scarier in an exciting kind of way, is a heck of a lot more fulfilling than a case of beer -- and it even tastes great (just ask Jupiter, my rabbit, who keeps eating my papers!).

My gift is my writing. I LOVE playing with words (I'm the kind of person who spends her free time inventing hybrid words like "absotively" and "mayhaps" for fun). I reveled in making money using my copy writing skills in business advertising for J. Leslie Advertising (Louisville, KY) and Doe Anderson (Louisville, KY). My copy writing skills, although they were put on the back burner, also came in handy with my Real Estate Investing firm (samples on request).

Then, when my former business partner left Louisville for family reasons, I started to realize I'd somehow gotten "off-course" and made money my focus instead of my writing. The drinking helped fill the hole for many years, until my dark night of the soul in 1997; the material "me" was dying and the writer was being reborn.

I once heard a comedian jest how all those homeless guys who talk to themselves in New York City might really be "Moses" reincarnated -- thrusting his hands into the air (as he receives his seemingly impossible instructions to build an Arc the size of the Empire State Building in just a few days) and yelling at the Creator hysterically, "LOOK, GOD, I just can't do it! It's just too hard! You're gonna have to find somebody else!"

Such is the insanity of a writer's quest! The Muse will not let me rest until She finds her expression through this book whose title came to me during a church sermon; the Pastor screamed (directly at me, it seemed): "Do you think God would want you to keep it a secret what He's done for you?!" I've come to view my dis-ability as more of a blessing than anything as it lead me into the Spiritually-rich life for which I once hungered.

I read once that writers are the Shaman (Native American Healers) of modern day as they go deeply into the soul and re-emerge with hard-won wisdoms to share with their "tribes". In fact, insanity is sort of a pre-requisite for becoming a Shaman. Alternative views of mental "illness" like the Native American's has inspired and infused me with a hope for which I am eternally thanful and eager to spread!

I have no earthly idea how this book will come together (if you do, for "God's sake", thank you for letting me know! ;o), and while that's a little scary, it also makes it all the more exciting precisely because I have no idea what will happen next! I know I am being Divinely guided, as all of us.

In my quest to find a publisher, I've learned how crucial an "agent" can be to a writer's career. So I decided, "Why not become an agent myself, then?" Considering my passion for and experience with marketing/advertising and writing/reading, I see learning the publishing business beautifully blending with my writing career. I see publishing giving expression to my ambitious, marketing side as well as creating a platform for my introverted, artistic side (can you guess my zodiac sign?).

I'm commited to learning all aspects of the publishing business. I'll do whatever it takes!

I'm perfectly willing to start out on an internship basis to gain experience in publishing. I can start out as a "reader" and graduate into an assistant literary agent. I'm open to anything.

Publishing ideas for my book are most welcome, also (I have a title everyone seems to love; i'm reluctant to spew it all over the internet, though).

Interests: My Dauschand (Bear), Inspiring through Prose, People/Reading (together and/or separately), Movies, Traveling, Hiking, Native American Spirituality, Buddhism, Astrology, metaphysics

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes