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William Reid

6D 5710 50th Ave
Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada


Educated in Scotland, Gold Medal in Art at High School. One son, Martin, who
runs his own Internet business in Winnipeg.
Now living in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada as private architect/design
consultant,facility planner/project manager, writer, illustrator, artist, storyboard
artist, teacher to Grade 12 and College levels in Math and English, reg. sub-
teacher, musician.
Architect RIBA, MRAIC, MMAA, DA(Edin) (Scotland), ARCUK(Reg); CARB(reg).
Author: Plant Parenthood (Cartoons)- Queenston House, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Author: Passive Solar Living - Sunscience Communications, Winnipeg.
Author: Premises, Premises - Looking at Canadian Habitat
(3 teaching kits for Manitoba Department of Education)
Author: Around the World in 40 Hrs - Folklorama Festival
(written under contract to Queenston House - as yet unpublished).
Author: Course in Community-Based Economic Development for
Aurora College, Yellowknife (Author and teacher).
Author: Course in Community Planning for Aurora College,
Teacher: Courses in English, Mathematics, Financial Mathematics for
Aurora College, Yellowknife
Author/teacher: Course in Cartooning - Taught initially at Winnipeg Art Gallery, 3
courses per week in Fall - for six years, now taught in Yellowknife for 8 years.
Author: Further art courses: the business of art, magazine and book illustration,
watercolour painting, portrait painting, acrylic painting, calligraphy,etc.,solar house
design, energy in buildings (latter two at Red River Community College, Winnipeg,
and University of Manitoba, respectively)
Author: Series of humour pieces for CBC Radio in Inuvik and Yellowknife, NWT
Author: Of continuing series of prose and poetry and songs for Open-Mic sessions
- mostly comedic, some philosophical, semi-political.
The Dawkins Deception - A response to The God Delusion
Sketches - A Book of Prose and Poetry
Bill's Flute Fingering Charts
Work in Progress:
Three teaching kits: Toon-Ups; Listen-Ups and Acting-Ups
for Grade schools, Gr 3-8 (cartooning, storytelling and drama).
Novel : History/Adventure 'Rose Window'.
Humor: So What's Your Excuse? ; Management Ethics - the Ultimate Oxymoron.
Play flute, harmonica, Irish Whistle and some percussion at jam sessions and
regularly at church services of four churches in Yellowknife and special events.
Generally have a great time and work a lot with kids and adults in arts and
sciences, and Christian counselling.

Bill Reid

Interests: Worship music - both playing and writing, magazine & book illustration, watercolours, cartooning, portraiture, playing flute, harmonicas, Irish Whistles, keyboard, mandolin, architecture, walking, sketching, photography, teaching children (art - all m

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes