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Maia Appleby

Orlando, Florida, United States


I'm a certified personal trainer and weight loss consultant with a passion for writing and helping people. I recently put my full-time job (managing a country club fitness center) on hold to stay at home with my daughter. Since I can't stop writing, I've decided to dedicate this time to putting together a book on weight loss.

I've been managing a successful weight loss and fitness website ( since I created it in April of 2001, and have gained a large following of weight-conscious readers who refuse to compromise their health. Many of my articles, which promote long-term fitness and discourage fad diets and pill-popping, are published on this site.

During my maternity leave last year, I did freelance work for the Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health, rewriting a long entry on obesity. I also had articles published in New Moon Network, MyBusiness and Metro Parent Magazine.

I'm interested in compiling my fitness articles into a book on weight loss. My conversational writing style and ability to offer clear explanations of anatomical processes have served me well on the Internet, and I'd like to expand that to print media.

For a list of many of my articles, please visit

Interests: Fitness, weight loss, health, nutrition, parenting, children, Pilates, weight training

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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  • American Kids and Weight Problems
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