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Charles Tyrrel Whipple

Tokyo, Japan


I, Charles T. Whipple, was born on the Little Colorado River Plateau and lived my formative years in Show Low, Arizona. Family life included voracious reading as well as caring for hogs, milking cows, working the farm, and tending cattle. I rode horses from a very early age and commuted to my first job on my paint horse, Old Spot. Teenage jobs like log pond tender, plainer operator, and lumber stacker broadened my horizons. I fished the streams of Arizona's White Mountains and hunted all across the area above the Mogollon Rim.
In my adult years, trips back to Show Low always included interviews with oldtimers and drives over the area from Pleasant Valley to Nutrioso.I am a lifetime member of the National Association for Outlaw and Lawman History (NOLA) and have contributed to the Nola Quarterly.
I've also traveled extensively abroad, visiting and living in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Mexico.
My writing career began in 1975 at Waikiki Beach Press, a Scripps League Newspaper. And I've been an independent writer since 1981. My articles have appeared in Chicago Tribune, Biophotonics International Magazine, Honolulu Magazine, Highlights for Children, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, OE Magazine, Photonics Spectra Magazine, Science Magazine, Scholastics Magazine, Sports Diver, Time, Travel Diver, Westways, and many others. I edit BCCJ INSIGHT, the magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan. I've published four non-fiction books, all in Japanese, and one novel. I hold memberships in the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Associated Photographers International, American Society of Journalists and Authors, National Association for Outlaw and Lawman History, and Western Writers of America.
Oh, and I'm fluent in spoken and written Japanese.

Interests: Western history, scuba diving, sailing, Japanese language and culture, automobiles, electronics and photonics, literary journalism, fiction

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes