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Joseph Befumo

Pleasant Mount, Other US, United States


Home page:

Born in 1952, in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Joe Befumo dropped out of high school and worked on the docks at Red Hook until 1979, when he enrolled in college to study physics and mathematics. After graduating with honors, he did a stint as Senior Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporationís Advanced Semiconductor Development Lab in Hudson, Massachusetts, then moved on to AT&T Solutions, where he headed their Center of Excellence for Quality, Estimating, and Metrics. Since 1997 he has been an independent software engineering consultant.

An award-winning artist, his paintings have been displayed at the Springfield Museum of Fine Art, and other prestigious galleries. He is a member of his local volunteer fire company, and a fire police officer. He now resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, two daughters, four horses, two cats, a cockatiel, and a German Shepard named Dumbell.

Published works include:

Exotic Scales: New Horizons in Jazz Improvisation (

The Oranur Conspiracy (

The Space Between Time

Works currently in search of a publisher or Agent:

Ariadne's Clew (fiction) -- A mad cult leader and his followers await Armageddon at a desert stronghold. Society reels from the discovery that dinosaurs might have succumbed to an AIDS-like infection. Government forces are jittery, and a rogue reporter may learn more than she wants to know when she seeks out the mysterious holy man known only as Corfuselus.

Science and Spirit (nonfiction) -- Regardless of how we approach the issue, it's impossible to dismiss the reality that science leaves central questions of life unanswered. Many modern readers, educated in the doctrines and certainties of science, look toward religion with a kind of plaintive wariness. The yearning to embrace some manner of spirituality cannot be dispelled, but we fear that doing so is tantamount to intellectual suicide. The result is a God-shaped void in our lives, leaving unanswered the issues of what we may hope for, and how we should live. Thus, the primary purpose of this book is to help patch that hole by showing that we need not choose between archaic doctrine and modern discernment.

Interests: Writing (of course), painting, sailboating, aikido, woodworking, my horses, volunteer firefighting

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Oranur Conspiracy
  • The Space Between Time: Tales from Uncommon Perspectives
  • Nonfiction

  • Exotic Scales: New Horizons in Jazz Improvisation