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John Blair

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Available now for hire to speak about the creative writing process (stories, novels, screenplays) and how to become published -- especially suitable for high school students. Contact me also for editing services at reasonable rates.

A former president of the Canadian Authors Association, and Director of Camp Write-A-Way Creative Writing Workshops (each August) in Toronto, I'm also an experienced high school English/History teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.

My new novel, FISSURE ROCK, is available from these fine bookstores in Toronto:

'Book City'
'This Aint The Rosedale Library'

FISSURE ROCK is a compelling coming-of-age page-turner that combines first love, backyard wrestling and internet stalking! To find out more about me, the book, and to read its full first chapter for free online, please go to:

You may also order on line at that site, or from ( or

"Fissure Rock is filled with details and images that anyone who has survived teenhood will recognize - beauties and bullies, longings and laments, dreams and desires, bonfires and beers, infatuations and fears."
-Richard Scarsbrook, Toronto, Ontario
award-winning author of: CHEESEBURGER SUBVERSIVE (Thistledown Press, 2003)

"The story is told with tenderness, attention to detail, and surprising wit. Considering the subject matter and ages of the main characters, itís easy to predict the book receiving a hardy welcome on the desks of high-school and middle-school students worldwide. Fissure Rock is a rock solid debut novel."
-by Emanuel Carpenter, US
Midwest Book Review (April 2004)

"Fissure Rock is a small town somewhere in North America with a lot of secrets. Some of those earth shattering secrets are revealed through the eyes, ears, and experiences of Jim Bridgeman, a handsome 16 year old uprooted from the city. Jim and his family set down roots in Fissure Rock after his father, once in newspaper advertising, becomes "yesterday's news" as Jim puts it. Jim is a musically talented, easy going, adaptable kid who doesn't take life too seriously, unlike his perennially cranky younger sister, his high strung mother, and his nice but workaholic father. This debut novel by John Blair is a coming of age story, but it is not your ordinary, run of the mill "wake up to life" tale. Written with a tight, smooth pace, this first person novel transports the reader directly into Jim Bridgeman's mind, heart, and even body. Mr. Blair convinces the reader that Jim is telling the story--his story--and the reader completely forgets that a grown man has authored the engrossing novel. While there are well timed pockets of humor, the story of Jim's adjustment in Fissure Rock as he meets the major players in school is a tense one. There are many nail biting moments of suspense, of mystery, and even worry for Jim's safety as he enters the mysterious world of backyard wrestling. Mr. Blair neatly ties all the pieces together so that the ending is a meaty one with more than a few surprises. Secrets are revealed, mysteries are solved, and most importantly, there is realistic closure to both the book and that chapter in Jim Bridgeman's life. Fissure Rock is a four star book adults and teenagers will enjoy reading!"
-Donna Conger, Clinton, Utah (US)
author of: THE LAST LESSON, THE GREEN MAN, FORGOTTEN, VETCOP --see for information on all 4 books


My story "Dad Dreams" was awarded runner-up in the annual international 'Literati Short Story Contest,' sponsored by (as of December 2003). My story will be published in the anthology.

Teenagers interested in creative writing, please visit: (or e-mail me for more information).

-Updated as of: April 2, 2004

Interests: I enjoy: playing guitar, writing and performing songs; watching NHL Maple Leaf hockey; long brisk walks; and being a caring human being with a healthy sense of humour.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "Dad Dreams"