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Paul Perry

Agent: Freelance

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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I come from South Philadelphia and have been living in Buenos
Aires since 1994. I studied Business Law and literature at Temple
University. Unfortunately, working nights in order to cover tuition
costs brought about my decision to become a college drop out.
Shortly after my collegiate dismay and personal sense of
nonexistence, I decided to visit the array of relatives I had scattered
across South America and use them as a pretext to an adventurous
flirtation with exotic foreign cultures. After a couple years of
wandering through South America, I stumbled onto fascinating
Buenos Aires.
A strange turn of events landed me a job as an English teacher in
a language institute. There I learned to teach the language I so
naturally possessed a passion for capturing on paper. I started
teaching English to corporate personnel in multi-national firms until I
eventually started teaching privately and met someone who was
working for Cris Morena Group. I was offered a job translating a TV
show called Floricienta, and other scripts from Spanish into English.
I accepted the job despite its sweatshop wages and did it mainly to
improve my knowledge of Castellano and perhaps get a stepping-
stone onto something a little better. I've made good friend like Luis
Alberto Spinetta and Ciruelo Cabral, John
Harris, Lolo Longinotti, Brian Maya, and many more...
Things worked out as planned and I started doing translation work
for a media group called Civisa, where I was provided with the
training skills required for doing subtitling work, as well as
translating scripts.
The insight I gained enabled me to apply for other subtitling and
translation odd jobs. I have been working for Masterdubbing for two
months and my time with them has helped enhance my skills.
Unfortunately, the economical instability that mars this uniquely
precious nation has yet to bestow on me a steady supply of
translation work. Hence, I continue to provide English classes to
corporate personnel.
I truly enjoy translating. However, I take no pleasure in translating
technical material or medical literature. As a fictional writer and
poet, I'd much rather translate matters stemming from human
nature or current affairs.
Turning to my acting experience, I was in two major motion films
last year. I was a member of the Philadelphia actor's guild as a
teenager, but never imagined getting a part in a movie. Buenos
Aires is truly a generous country.
With reference to my free time, I am married and have two small
children so I really do not have much free time. However, I do enjoy
the arts, sports and try to do everything possible to keep my
American roots nurtured.

Interests: I enjoy writing, painting and taking pictures. I like playing and watching sports. I�m interested in getting my poetry published, but just waiting to be discovered. check out my web page:

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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