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Sybil Shearin

Agent: none at this time
Wingate, North Carolina, United States

Email: oneangelntrainin@aol.com

Home page: http://hometown.aol.com/oneangelntrainin/myhomepage/personal.html


I sit here alone listening to country music slow.
My heart beats to the music and I move with the flow.
My mind goes back to your sweet kisses soft
and making love in the old barn loft.
I can still smell your cologne as it lingers near.
Our bodies entwined with sensual love so dear.
I remember the car you loved so much,
and all the parking spots where I felt your tender touch.
Do you think of all those times now and then?
Remember falling asleep and getting home
after the milkman had been?
I remember wearing your sweater green,
and how much tape I put on your high school ring.
I wonder after all these years if you ever go back in time.
Memories like these shine like gold in one single lifetime.
The sun was brighter in every way.
The moon was bigger because you were mine that day.
The stars twinkled and the nights were magic dust.
Two people so in love all we had was perfect trust.
Castles built on the hot desert sands.
Still kept deeply because of two golden wedding bands.
My soul still holds you close.
My heart still holds the perfect red rose!
A rose that is faded and worn,
But the only rose created without a single thorn!

Written by Sybil Shearin (C)2002
Visit my poetry website and enjoy hundreds of poems
Visit my children's website and pass it along to children you might know.

I am a widow born In Wingate, N.C. I have lived here almost all of my life. I would love to meet a man to spend time with and enjoy life. I'm a published author and writer. I spend most of my time writing and playing with my three dogs.

I am not an angel, but working hard to be a better person.
I was born in North Carolina. I had Polio at age 3. I love people.

Interests: I am a published author and poet. I am a hopeless romantic. I love to shop and use expensive perfume. I am a jewelry addict. I now write children's stories and hope to have it published one day! Find them at http://www.Childrenstorytales.com

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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