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Don Walton

Agent: none
21 road 2631
Aztec, New Mexico, Samoa


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G Started: December 23, 1999
Completed: April 18, 2000

My name is Don Ray Walton
My address is 21 road 2631 Aztec NM.
My phone number is {505}334 2878
Below is a preview of my book . Im looking for someone who is serious in being my agent to sell my books.
If there are any intrested partys ? please write , Or phone me in person.
Thankyou for your time .

The Coming
Human Aliens: Fact or Fiction?
By Don Ray Walton

What if the UFOs carrying the visitors we assume to be aliens were actually Godly beings in torment? And what if humans hunted these creatures whenever they tried to communicate with man to explain their situation?

I believe that any creature or lifeform born to our universe who is given the knowlege of right and wrong and chooses the right over the wrong is also a child of God and should be free to live forever in peace with man as brothers of unity in all no matter the shape man or beast.
1. Abduction
2. Impregnation
3. Birth
4. Message
5. Warning
6. Chance


Chapter One: Abduction

Jack-o-lanterns. That’s what they called them. The people of Idaho Falls.

Strange lights. Maneuvering above their farmhouses at night. Strange movement of lights in the sky like ghosts. Moving at speeds greater than any machine built by 1954. Movements of light unidentified by man.

The night air was nippy as she took the last piece of laundry off the line and put it in her basket. It had been a long day with four children to take care of. She longed for her husband to come back from his tour of duty in the Navy. Six months had been a long time. The children all needed shoes and how was she ever going to fix the roof that had blown down in one of Idaho Falls’ chilling wind storms? Especially with snow already on the ground in late December.

Her body strained to pick up the laundry basket. Almost dark now, her eyes scanned the bleak horizon. Their shack was silhouetted against barren potato fields. Suddenly, a strange humming sound caught her attention. What could be out there? What could be making that sound?

Her eyes quickly glanced at the dormant field behind her. Nothing but expansive fields shriveled, waiting for a new spring. Then a brilliant light appeared out of no where. So shocked, she dropped her basket! What was it? Where did it come from? What did they want?

Fear struck deep. Where were her children? She couldn’t hear them over the strange humming. Is this my imagination? Am I just too tired? Is this really happening? And where are my children? Then someone shouting pierced her consciousness. It was her oldest son, Tom. “Run, Ma! Run for your life! It’s Martians! It’s the Martians! Run, Ma! Run!”

By this time a disc as big as a barn was rolling toward her, flashing colors everywhere. Trying desperately to breathe, Pauline ran across the frozen ground toward the shack, yelling, “Get in here, Tom! Now! And lock the door! Get me Pa’s gun!”

Even more panicked, she barked orders, “Barricade the windows! Put out the lights! Tommy lock the girls in the cellar! Right now! And tell them to be quiet!”

Almost a man at thirteen, Tom moved fast. Putting the kitchen table against the broken windowpanes, Tom grabbed the gun from over the mantle. Before you knew it, he had it loaded. Pauline, shaking and close to tears, pointed it toward the front door. “I sure wish your pa was here right now!”

“What are we going’ to do now, Ma?” Tom managed to ask.

“I don’t know, honey! I’m trying to think,” Pauline barely whispered.

A strange green mist was seeping under the door. “What is it, Ma?”

Her heart pounded louder than ever, “Oh, my God! Is this really happening? Shhh, be still.”

The doorknob slowly clicked and turned. Who was coming in? Who are they? What do they want? Her blood ran cold. Pauline fired the shotgun at the door. darkness. Fear. Panic. Then silence.

“You got ‘em, Ma! Do you think they’ll leave now?” Tom breathed.

“I hope so.”

The room was eerie. Darkness filled every corner. Their hearts pounded in fear and disbelief. The kitchen table was rising right before them! It moved upward toward the ceiling away from the window. The gun floated upwards from Pauline,s hands.

Tom cut the side of the sofa open and quickly climbed inside.
“Hide, Ma! Quick’’ Tommy wispered.

Pauline tried to move. Couldn’t move. She was frozen in fear. Paulines grip loosend as the gun seem to float upward toward the rafters of the old shack.

Two man-like figures appeared in the darkness, touching her hands. Slowly they lifted her to her feet. Their strong, slender arms held her under her arms and dragged her toward the door. Her strength melted out of her body. Only her mind thought of struggling to get away. And, oh Lord, please don’t let them discover my children!

Inching her toward the door, her mind was spinning, even questioning her sanity. The night air brought her back to reality. But reality changed form. Once through the door, her body defied gravity, floating toward the bright light. “Am I dead?” she questioned herself.

“No,” a calming inner voice assured her. “We are here to help you understand what’s happening to your world. We were sent to help you.

“Are you going to eat me?” she worried silently.

“We come in peace to help. Not to destroy or harm you,” the soothing, whispering voice inside responded.

“You can talk? Are you really Martians?” Pauline nervously questioned, not knowing if she had even spoken out loud.

She heard the strange voice again inside. “There is no such thing as Martian beings. That planet does not sustain life as we know it anymore.”

Still floating in the green haze, Pauline stared deeply at the round shaped glass surrounding her abductors’ heads. Monsters from space, she thought. Yes, very much like a monster. White glowing eyes the size of silver dollars. Deformed reptilian faces. Scaly gray skin, wrinkled like a corpse. Like a long forgotten lizard.

Again her thoughts went to her children, hidden in the darkened shack. Fear struck her heart. “Oh, dear God, please don’t let them find my babies!” she prayed.

Amazingly, miraculously, her prayer wasn’t detected as she floated closer to the opening in the bottom of the large round disk.

Hot steam was rising up next to them as if large areas of snow underneath had melted leaving the ground bare. Dear God, she thought to herself. I’m as high as the shack!

As Pauline’s body floated upward in the warm, steamy mist, the strange humming sound became lower and lower as they entered the large opening in the bottom of the disk. Once inside, the huge opening below them became smaller until it became a giant floor.

Amazingly, as the metal floor appeared, the strange humming stopped. Her weight returned to her as she touched the huge, slid-ing floor below. Fear struck her once again. A deep, loud hissing sound like a gigantic snake approached Pauline’s ears.

My Lord, she thought, turning a limp but heavy head toward the eerie snakelike sound. “Do not be alarmed. It’s only the sound of air being provided for your safety,” a telepathic voice assured her. A great calm came over Pauline as she realized concern for her safety was on their agenda.

As soon as the weight of gravity returned, Pauline became weak and nauseous. Her knees buckled. As she lost her balance, she felt strange hands holding her up.

Her abductors lifted her up and dragged her slowly toward a second sliding door with a thick, round, dark glass in the center that displayed lighted circles of circles spiraling inside themselves.

Pauline telepathically heard the two aliens arguing about whether she were accessing their command. The first alien telepathed, “We must try another command.”
Pauline's mind was still praying for her babies hidden in that worthless two-room shack below.

“Continue the test,” a third telepathic voice commanded much more clearly than the other two. The door began to slide open by itself. The strange beings twisted her sideways as they all moved through the door.

A long, slender table came out of the wall next to Pauline's chest. They shined a brilliant light into her face, blinding her. Then she felt their powerful hands ripping off her dress. Panicked, she screamed, “What are you doing?”

“Silence. You’ll know soon enough!”

Two of them pushed her naked body against the table, the heat of it
almost burning her skin. Her voice raged, “You said, ‘for my safety’ and now you’re cooking me!” You’re going to eat me! I just know it!”

With tears streaming down her face, her body was stricken with fear.

Then the third alien noticed her tears. Telepathically, the others did too. “This one is leaking water from its vision portals. How do we correct this? We cannot stop the water. These softer humans always leak whenever we take them from the little ones.”

The first alien telepathed the others, “I detected it communicates this way to its opposite whenever it’s in danger. We will continue the test.”

“Bind it to the test unit,” commanded the third alien.

Within moments, Pauline's abductors held her hands. Her legs were kept firmly apart against the hot table. Pauline twisted, struggling desperately to escape. The third alien placed a round metal ball in the center of the table between Pauline’s knees.

An awful smell was coming from the strange liquid that was pouring over her naked body. The table began to heat the strange liquid that smelled like an old tire burning. Like the one Tommy had thrown on the fire to stay warm one chilly night.

As soon as the third alien dropped the strange silver ball into the hole between Paulines’ knees, four wide silver metal bracelets quickly clamped around her wrists and ankles. They put a fifth bracelet around Pauline’s head that held her face toward a strange black screen above the table.

Pauline arched her back to escape the heated surface. Slowly the creepy goo inched its way up to her cheek. Am I about to suffocate? Are they going to drown me in this goo? When she tried to move, she realized the liquid had become as hard as the old tire Tommy had burned. She couldn’t move a finger, let alone the rest of her limbs. Just then…

Chapter 2: Impregnation

Just then a fourth alien appeared through another door that seemed to slide upward instead of sideways. He was carrying a trayrack of brightly colored glass test tubes. One of the tubes was lighted, glowing bright gold. The fourth alien was followed into the room by a fifth one. Now there were five ugly aliens surrounding Pauline’s examining table. As her eyes moved toward the two new aliens, she noticed a big difference in their size compared to the first three gray skinned ones. She also noticed a difference in skin color and head formation. The two new aliens were man-like, bigger boned and a much uglier lizard-faced creature with reddish deformed skin, like a snake monster.

Pauline was a little confused. The two new aliens were a lot different from the ones that had abducted her. In fact, it seemed to her that they were so horrible and threatening in their appearance that the gray aliens seemed kinder by comparison. Nevertheless, they were all butt ugly and strange to her.

She noticed that the large red-faced one behind the red one carrying the tray seemed very aggressive toward the smaller gray one, pushing and shoving the little one rudely. She thought to herself, if that were me, I’d pick up something heavy and whack him over his head to teach him a good lesson. She couldn’t even believe what happened next. Totally amazed, she watched the little gray alien pick up a long, hefty, round metal pipe and whack the heck out of the big red alien’s head.

“Good for you!” Pauline shouted. “That will teach him to push you around like that!” Then she noticed the bigger alien was bleeding red blood as if it were a human. She noted, it felt pain and was vulnerable to being attacked just like we humans are.

Pauline thought to herself, “Good Lord! Did I do that? Did I cause that to happen? Did my thoughts transfer to the little gray alien so he would do that?”
The small door slid upward once again and the two larger aliens helped the injured red one out of the room. The small door came down quickly, closing behind them as the three of them went into the next room.

Pauline telepathically detected a voice commanding, “Continue the test!” from the direction of the red alien still holding the tray of test tubes as he walked toward the end of the dished table that held Pauline’s feet firmly in place.

The larger alien commanded two of the small grays to cut and remove parts of the clear rubbery oval cubical around Pauline’s lower private areas. Fear began to build in her. Fear became horror as the large red being began to insert a still bloody two foot long slender pipe into Pauline’s tender child bearing womb. “My God! Aren’t you even going to wash that off first?” cried Pauline out loud.

Her cries were ignored as cold objects were inserted quickly into her womb. The tests speeded forward. It felt like forever to Pauline. “What the hell are you doing to me?” she screamed. The pain was excruciating. Long narrow mechanical arms with very sharp pointed needles pierced the soft vulnerable human tissues in Pauline’s arms, navel and breasts.Then her fear was outstandingly increased as the large red
Alien was penetrating her with a huge ungodly long needle injecting the cold but glowing gold substance into her tender womb. Oh God she gasp in pain As She felt small hunks of her hair being pulled out by the roots and noticed the small gray alien placing them into one of the test tubes with liquid in it and then sealing it up. She watched, growing faint, as tubes of her blood were extracted and placed in the trayrack next to the hair samples.

The red alien was placing tubes of clear thick liquid gels that had come from Pauline’s private lower area on to the tray. It also seemed he had a stool sample that was transferred through a cone between Pauline’s lower buttocks causing even more excruciating pain to her.

No telepathing was being directed now. They all seemed to be in a quiet mode as if each one knew what to do next. The red alien placed glass tubes of blood into slots in the mechanical arms that the needles were attached to. Pauline watched in disbelief as alien blood
flowed into the veins in her arms. She felt cold from the inside out.
A bluish liquid was being injected into her breasts and navel. Her heart beat was increasing so rapidly that it skipped rather than beating normally. Her ears were filled with a high pitched ringing sound and her eyelids were held firmly open as two smaller needles on mechanical arms pierced her eyeballs.

All of a sudden everything went black. “My God!” Pauline screamed. “I’m blind! You took my eyeballs! You’re monsters! Evil monsters! I hate you all! I pray God destroys you all and where ever you come from!”

As the needles retracted, Pauline’s eyesight slowly returned. Pauline openly thanked God that they hadn’t sucked out her eyeballs. She felt sharp stinging sensations. The poke holes began to close under the bright red flashing light beams zapping her eyeballs. “What now, Lord? I can’t breathe. What are they doing to my nose?”

Pauline’s head was held firmly in place as one of the gray aliens pushed long slender metal objects up into her sinus ports and left them there. Sickeningly nauseous, Pauline began to convulse, vomiting into the gray alien’s face and on to the big red one’s head glass.

Next Pauline felt something very sharp cutting open her flesh and then small metal objects burning her thighs as the bright red narrow beams sealed them up inside her tender flesh. Pauline felt a sharp edge as if someone had broken a glass and was scraping its jagged rim against her tender lower areas, taking off small very thin layers of flesh samples. “God, what a nightmare!” she shrieked as she slipped out of reality once again.

The circles of circles going inside themselves in the large black screen above the table seemed to lessen the pain a little. “This has to be a bad dream. Maybe it was something I ate. A piece of bad fish from yesterday’s supper. After all, I did throw up all over those evil monsters. Yes, that’s it. It’s all a bad dream.” When the little grey alien removed the eye restraints from her head.

She closed her eyes and said to herself, “All I gotta do is wake up from this and I’ll be just fine.” Pauline opened and closed her aching eyelids over and over. She lost count and could not wake up from the hell place she was in.

Then she began crying in prayer to God, “Forgive me, please. I’m a good mother and a loyal wife to my man. I never cheated on my husband, not even in my thoughts. Why, Lord? What terrible thing could I have done to be put through this hell I’m suffering? Please save me! I promise I’ll be good. I swear to You I’ll be a better mother. I’ll get a job in town. I’ll support my babies. I’ll never depend on another man to support me ever again.”

Pauline’s eyes opened quickly when the tight metal bands released themselves from around her wrists and ankles. She felt the long, mechanical metal arms retracting the needles out of her tender flesh.

Her body was throbbing painfully where the strange needles had penetrated her breasts and navel. Her arms felt like lead now as the strange, clear rubbery oval restraint split in half. The smaller gray alien removed little pieces of left over rubber from parts of Pauline’s naked body. She watched the fourth red alien leave the examining room, carrying the test tray through the upper siding exit.

Once again the door closed down tightly behind him, leaving only the three slender gray aliens with Pauline. Just then the two taller gray aliens began to push each around the table. Pauline was amazed to see them ripping what had been her dress that she worked so hard to make. Buttons her only sister had sent her were bouncing off the end of the table and into the strange holes where the red alien had dropped those strange round silver balls.

Suddenly the mechanical bracelets clamped around Pauline’s wrists. She screamed out as one of the bracelets was extremely tight around her upper forearm. At the sound of her screams, the gray alien
quickly reached its tiny hand into each of the holes and removed the metal silver buttons that must have triggered the mechanism on the bands. For some reason, the tight metal bands were not disengaging themselves from Pauline. She screamed even louder at the fear of being trapped against that hot, uncontrolled table. Then the strange, smelly liquid began to pour on to Pauline once again. With Pauline still screaming, the little gray quickly put its hand over a little glass red pyramid that seemed to turn on a large square panel of very noisy flashing colored lights.

The upper sliding door opened up and two red aliens came into the room next to Pauline. One of them placed a large, red scaly reptilian hand over Pauline’s mouth to muffle her loud screams that seemed to be irritating to the other red alien who was taking a long metal wiry snake out from under the operating table.

As the red alien held on to the end of it, a bright red narrow beam of light turned on that seemed to slice through that strong sturdy metal bracelet like a knife through soft butter. Pauline’s arm snapped loose as the strange metal band shot sideways across the room.

Next the red alien removed the second brace that held Pauline’s wrist. “This one’s leaking from its vision portals again,” telepathed the little gray alien to the red one. Then a mean, angry look appeared on the larger red alien’s rugged, scaly face as he telepathed the little gray alien in a low but clearly strong voice. He scolded, “Hurry up and return the test.

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