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Melinda Baker

Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States


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They say that this is where you will find your first impression of me. This is my opportunity to make my mark. Well, if you don't have a taste for the abstract than I fear you won't appreciate what I do. I am like one of those paintings that weren't understood but no one ever removed from the museum. I am no masterpiece. You have to acquire a taste for my style and that might take a while. I will never be insured for millions of dollars just appreciated by a few.

As a kid I wrote because I loved to read. I met someone who enjoyed writing and tried to emulate them. At the age of 19 I turned to writing to deal with a lot of pain and questions in my life. Through the years my writing has been a comfort, a therapy, an expression, a creative outlet, an avenue of anger. I have learned so much about myself since I took the time to type out my emotions. At 19 I wrote my first piece called "Silence" while it is amateur I was proud of it. I got encouraged to share it with others by a friend and I haven't stopped writing since.

My goal is to one day write a book that will touch one person. One single paragraph that someone can relate to. As a child it seemed that everyone had it easy and no one could tell me what they felt inside. To be brutally honest about how you were feeling or even the confusion about feeling something completely different the next day couldn't be explained. If my writing allows someone to be honest with themself or anyone else than I have accomplished more than I could ever dream.

I used to feature my writings on a website called Tears however the domain people went all freaky and we lost the site. Since I am broker than broke I turned to Livejournal and use their free service.

Some may call me a romantic, an idealist, or accuse me of living in a fantasy world. I want to find the good before I acknowledge the bad. I hope for the best no matter how many times my hopes may be dashed. I am only me, doing what I love.

Interests: reading, writing, photography, music, art...I could go on. I enjoy basically a little of everything and a whole lot of anything. I wish to try everything once as long as it doesn't go against what I believe in.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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  • Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye press release