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Dedge Dore

Agent: have none
Laval Ouest, Quebec, Canada


I'm thirteen years old and live with my mother and father. I have three older brothers, an older sister and a twin sister. my hobbies are reading and writing. I love to read books by christopher pike, r.l.stine, caroline b cooney and v.c.andrews. all my friends comsider me a book worm but i love to read because i can use that knowledge to hepl write better.
Writing has always been aprt of my life and i'm sure will always be. No matter what happens, whether or not i become a writer or anything that involves writing i will always write on my spare time. I've finished many stories that were over fifteen pages, the longest story i have ever written is 160 pages long. Whether or not it is any good i'll never know. Well that is about it. if you wish to read my stories eamil me at Thank you and good-bye.

Interests: I love to write about real life teenagers, their love life, their troubles with family and friends and ec cetra. I've completed a story about a fifteen year old girl who is having ttrouble fitting in. She is considered a geek and has no real friend, unt

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Unexpected Love