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Sher Olson

Madison, Wisconsin, United States


Ms. Olson has recently completed a novel entitled "Yellow Ochre", as yet unpublished.

"Yellow Ochre" is a story of secrets, discoveries, redemption and love, with a 'cast of several', including:

* Calli - a woman making a new start in life with nothing to lose but her heart;
* Matt - a journalist whose discovery of an ancient artifact will change his life completely;
* Del - a rancher and a musician; a man's man and a woman's dream, with a dark secret that won't let him love in peace;
* Tory - a self-destructive temptress bent on bringing others down with her;
* Chick - a wry publisher who makes several life-changing discoveries of his own;
* Professor Clark and Dr. Allen - two scientists challenged by Matt's discovery to examine their own cherished beliefs, each in his own way;
* Not to be overlooked, Ochre - the yellow Labrador retriever who is there for Calli when she needs him most.
Animal Welfare Disclaimer: No animals were injured or mistreated during the unfolding of this tale. However, a bed of hardy garden mums did bite the dust....

The lives of these and more are woven together by a supernatural force, within the splendor of autumn in picturesque Door County, Wisconsin.

Ms. Olson is a novelist and database administrator who also enjoys singing, composing music, playing guitar and bass guitar and creating hand-made jewelry. She has also published a number of articles in trade journals.

Interests: Fiction and Some Free-Lance Non-Fiction

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Wheelchair Interiors