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Kerry Harrison

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Now then. I am as yet unpublished and so come under the heading of 'struggling writer' possibly. Although I have always like writing and won competitions as a young girl, I have never had the time to dedicate to it until now. Currently I am not working in the 'outside world' and so have decided to write that novel. I am, however, in the early stages and my reason for coming here is to find both help and inspirtaion...

I am interested in writing literary fiction and am half way through my first work which is a novel. The themes include murder and adultery and I am attempting to explore the mind of someone bordering on insanity. I am trying to create a richly textured novel which is colourful and beautiful as well as dark and sometimes surreal. There is a point to the story too which revolves around the main character. Other themes include the foolishness of young love, greed and address the question - what is true love.

I am afraid I am unable to list a dazzling array of achievements or names which could help me out or draw attention to myself, but as i dig my way further into the world of writing, I hope to be able to add some minor triumphs ( eg winning competitions etc) which will illuminate me in the darkness, albeit with the glow of a birthday candle...

So. There you have it. I look forward to talking to some like-minded souls and to learning more and more about the business.

Kerry Harrison

Interests: eating yum cha; reading(yawn); writing(yawn); tennis; my cats; my baby(due september); shopping; walking; horse-riding; learning the piano....

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes