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Kathy Dickinson

Houston, Texas, United States

You know that way books and movies have of sweeping you off into their world and helping you forget what's going on at work or the bills or whatever it is that's bothering you? Well, that's what happens to me when I write. Years ago, I started writing as a way to relax. Not to be published, just as a way to escape into my own worlds. I guess it was the same motivation that prompted me to major in Theatre in college -- you become somebody else that way, too.

Writing, though! What incomparable freedom there is in writing! I can create my own world and populate it with my own people. People I wish I knew. People I do know, now. I can imbue the villians with all the characteristics of those people I hate dealing with in the real world and then have my hero -- or heroine -- protagonist, anyway -- crush them the way I sometimes wish I could do.

As I mentioned, I started doing this years ago, and very shortly I discovered I had six novels in various stages of completion. Each in a different genre. This has advantages and disadvantages, you understand. The advantage is I can move into whichever world matches my current mood or interest. The disadvantage is I've only finished one book and that is only the first in a series of at least three. Hm-m-m. I think I needs must begin to focus my attention more.

For years, I never allowed anyone to read anything I had written. After all, these stories were only intended for me, and although I enjoy them, I didn't think anyone else would. But then I joined the Reader's Vine, an online community for people who liked to read and wanted to meet other avid readers -- you know, something to get our noses OUT of our books. As it turns out, a lot of avid readers are frustrated writers ... okay, maybe not frustrated, but closet writers, anyway. So sometimes we wrote things there. After our first interactive mystery, I got so many compliments on my contributions that I finally allowed myself to be persuaded to post a few chapters from some of my books. I was emphatically told I should finish and submit them. So now, I'm seriously considering following that advice. I figure, if nothing else, it would be interesting to hear what a real professional has to say about them.

Now that the Reader's Vine is no more, I thought the Writer's Net might be a good place to meet other aspiring writers. I suppose we shall see.

Interests: Writing, reading, Egyptology, magic, writing, mythology, mythical creatures, writing, history, computers, writing...oh, yeah, and writing.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No