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Kimberlee Morrison

Long Beach, California, United States



I discovered my love for writing when I learned to read. Once I learned to read, I never went anywhere without a book. When my mother bought me a diary, I carried it with me everywhere too. At first, I only wrote about my day, my familly, friends, the things all little girls write in their diaries.

Then one day I was sitting in the park with my mom, her husband and a political associate of theirs. I really had no idea what they were talking about. But while I sat there listening to their passion about how unbalance the distribution of wealth is in the United States, I wrote my first poem.

"Look mom," I said handing her my journal. She read my poem and asked me to read it aloud. As I did, and the three of them showered me with complements. At the tender age of thirteen, I had made their confusing political discussion so simple. I still did not know what they were talking about, but I knew the old migrant woman in my poem was treated very unfairly.

It wasn't until I was in high school that I decided that I was a writer. Now that was something, discovering that I am my talent. My english teacher gave the class an assignment to write five poems. For me, it seemed like an easy thing to do. All I had to do was put my feelings on paper. But she was impressed and read all five of my poems to the class.

The next year I requested to be place in an English class that was quickly earning a reputation for it's community activism. The first day of school the teacher told us that we were going to write a book. Ms. Gruwell, the teacher told us to think of a true story that it would be important for someone to read. All of our stories would be annonymous, we were going to edit the book ourselves, and when we were finished, we were going to give a bound copy to the Presendent of the United States. All of this in addition to our community service.

One day she showed us a documentary about Civil Rights Activists, the Freedom Riders. We watched as these young poeple, literally changed history, and wanted our book to serve a similar purpose: to dispell stereotypes and promote tolerance. We began calling ourselves the Freedom Writers.

We published the "Freedom Writer Diary" in October 1999, following our European Ambassador of Tolerance Book Tour.

I am currently working on publishing a poetry collection and a children's story.

Interests: I love writing poetry, attending open mic sessions and poetry workshops. I also love water. I think I'd go crazy if I did not live close to the water. I also write stories for children.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Freedom Writers Diary