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Quincy Norman

Malang, Indonesia



My name is Quincy Gavin Norman – I am a Bahamian and was born in the Bahamas 15 June 1970. I have lived in Key West, Florida for four years. But I am now living in Indonesia where I enjoy very good Indonesian food. And above all the tremendous writing success so far since my graduation from the "Writers Bureau" London.

The book title "Vendor Of Tears" will be publish very soon (Novel) piece of work. However, I am in fact, not a newcomer in the world of "Write & Be Published". I have written so many published articles.

Over the last years from 1994 – 2002; I have written many Business articles on Fashion, Health, Science, Food, Beauty Products / Cosmetics, Financial and Business News. I have sold some published articles on sales and marketing strategies to the "Popular Crafts", "The Pioneer", "People Magazine", and Radio Japan. The "Asian Financial Intelligence - (AFI)", "Reuters News Agency", "The Weekly Digest Newspaper", and "The New Straights Times", "INPRA", and "Women’s Magazine".

I merely write because of my love for writing and to help people to excel beyond their dreams. In fact, I chose to write over trying to pursue a professional career for myself because I knew I could help millions of people out there with my inspirational writings. My father used to say I quote. "Reading good inspirational books is the key of understanding everything around you. The better you read the more you want to know, and the more you know, the wiser you become and the more you understand." On quote.

I am qualified in writing all the above-mentioned books for a couple of reasons. 1) I was at a time broken-hearted and that was the main reason I left the Bahamas and lived in Key West, Florida for a resettlement. As if that was not enough I decided to stay very far away from home and start seeking foreign job in tropical paradise, after travelling all the tropical islands in the pacific region I finally settled down here in Indonesia since 1994.

I know what it is to be broken-hearted, what they are going through, and what they need. Secondly, I was also very successful in putting all these together. And I will provide my readers those strategies – the best Life Lessons of all... what it really take to make the best of life.

Interests:  My books will go beyond the fundamentals of common human theories about those broken-hearted, the fear of getting older and the Christendom churches atrocities. Each book has it own powerful weapon to help the readers and teaches them to always be ̶

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes