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Jeremy Pack

Auburn, Washington, United States


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AOL: JeremyPack

I am, to indulge in a cliché, a product of my environment. Raised by parents who might have been branded “hippies” had the era not died before they came of age, my formative years were a rock-star tour of too many cities to recount herein. As an adult, I have settled near Seattle and it would take a nuclear arsenal to dislodge me.

I have been blessed by the Gods with a grandmother who religiously believes she is descended from space aliens (and regularly taunts secret service agents at Nevada’s Area 51 for a giggle), a father who delights in shouting obscenities in a dead-ringer imitation of Donald Duck’s voice (in quiet theaters) and a mother who shares my deep love of the written word. My family is fertile soil for a creative mind.

My first published novel, “Pickering’s Lane” coauthored with my mother, kicks off a series we conceived seven years ago after a trip to our hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho. It features a quirky but gifted psychic we are billing as the “James Bond of the Metaphysical World” named DianaMarie who is the unlikely leader of a secret society of Native American mystics known as The Gathering. The series follows her episodic discovery of the deeper mysteries that are at work in her life and pits her against a variety of nasties from the netherworld. Along the way, she’ll face adversity on fronts both natural and preternatural and might even indulge in a spot of romance here and there. Our second novel is in the works and we plan to release it sometime in 2003 as long as a brilliant publisher with discerning tastes and an eye for genius picks it up. (Wink, wink.) If you’ve gotten this far I applaud you and I am honored to meet you. Drop me a line sometime and introduce yourself!

Interests: Devoutly eclectic . . . I am an experiential overindulgent. I delight in anything legal that I have not tried before (or that I have tried and enjoyed).

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Pickering's Lane