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Anthony Hernandez

Ashland, Oregon, United States


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AOL: Nosfiratuu

By day, Anthony is the Documentation Manager for Curious Labs, makers of Poser. He has broad industry experience and has authored over 30 large technical manuals for both internal corporate and public audiences. By night, he writes science fiction novels. His greatest influences are Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Frederik Pohl, and David Weber.

“All the Asimov novels I’ve read, whether standalone or part of a series (such as the Foundation series), tell part of the same grand story,” says Anthony. “Man reaches the stars, colonizes the galaxy, falls, and begins rebuilding. I hope to tell my own sweeping story through several series of books, of which the EARTHER’S BIOGRAPHY is only the beginning. Frank Herbert’s DUNE series, Weber’s HONOR HARRINGTON series, and Pohl’s HEECHEE SAGA all tell stories about ordinary characters swept up by extraordinary events. Likewise, the EARTHER’S BIOGRAPHY draws heavily on my own life and people near me to tell the story of David Johnson, a very average Earther, who goes on to achieve great things.”

In addition to writing, Anthony is also heavily involved in creating visuals for and based on his novels, including commissioning sketches of some key characters, modeling spacecraft in 3D, and creating his own book covers. Much of his modeling is done using Rhino 2.0. For his book covers, Anthony used a combination of Poser, Bryce, and Photoshop.

“I’ve had these images floating in my head as long as I can remember,” he explains. “3D modeling finally allowed me to really see my visions. As for my book covers, I needed them to be consistent and hint at the story being told within. My publisher was skeptical at first but came around pretty quickly.”

In his spare time, Anthony is a volunteer emergency medical technician in his hometown of Ashland, Oregon. Previously, he served in the US Coast Guard Reserve as an engineer aboard a rescue boat, owned a small flight school, and provided field support services for a telecommunication company. He is an avid science fiction reader and writer and enjoys aviation, astronomy & cosmology, 3D computerized art, movies, and general computing.

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